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Published Date 7/20/2017
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"I just wish we could make people realize all the amazing benefits psychics provide"

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The word “psychic” is certainly not what it used to be. We’ve evolved from fortunetellers with dark clothing and ominous predictions to Advisors with valuable guidance. Yet many still shy away; why?

Do you ever find yourself being careful who you talk to about psychics? Can you think of people in your life who would frown upon you getting a reading? You’re not alone.  There is so much negativity around the word psychic, including claims that they are evil forces not to be reckoned with, that it was only a matter of time before Tori Spelling and I felt the need to debunk the myths.

During one of my recent interviews with Tori, we couldn’t help but continue to come back to this topic (and get off track as usual!). “I just wish we could make people realize all the amazing benefits psychics provide,” Tori told me, “It’s just a word! I catch myself calling them intuitives or Advisors to avoid using the word psychic. It really bums me out.” So that’s where it all began…

After pondering how to get the word out (Ms. Spelling even suggested changing the name Psychic Source—sorry T, I don’t have that kind of pull!), we decided to face the misconceptions head-on and explain to the world what authentic, gifted, professional Advisors have to offer (and why they aren’t so evil after all). We took to Facebook Live (watch it here!) because it allowed us to be REAL with customers, fans, and critics. We were unscripted, explaining our honest take on the topic and ready to field questions—even from the naysayers! 

Right off the bat, Tori openly explained an experience she had as a child with an old-school stereotypical “fortuneteller” (with a crystal ball to boot) from which she ran away, tears streaming down her face. “She said I was going to marry a lawyer but I want to marry a movie star,” wailed the young Ms. Spelling. Yes, there are phonies out there, Tori recognizes that. But when you move past that to find Advisors who provide inspiration, perspective, reassurance and confidence to make you the BEST version of yourself, it’s simply not comparable—nor is it worth closing yourself off because of a stereotype you’ve yet to personally put to the test.

Some of the critics chiming in throughout our interview cited religion as their reason for shunning the psychic industry. While we originally thought religion was too controversial a topic and should be avoided, it was such a prevalent argument that it was hard to ignore. Tori pointed out that fear is what keeps many from trying psychics. We’re afraid to be open to something unknown to us. But it’s important to remember that you have free will to make your own choices in life, regardless of what a psychic, intuitive, or anyone else tells you. If you don’t like the advice you receive, you don’t have to take it.

Psychic Source has hundreds of professionally educated, gifted Advisors who provide:

Regardless of your faith, background, beliefs, race, nationality, and personality, there are Advisors out there for everyone. And the notion that all they do is “tell your fortune” is simply a thing of the past.

While going through questions on the live video feed, Tori and I spanned a variety of other topics including:

Are psychic readings expensive?
What should you do when you’re feeling “stuck” in life?
Do we really believe in psychics and what does it mean to believe?
Why does Tori tear up when she talks about the naming of their 5th child?
How important is it to be open-minded?
How do you meditate if you can’t focus or clear your mind?
What can you get from a psychic reading?

The most important message that we wanted to get across is that psychic readings are not black and white. It’s not about believing in something versus not believing. What you want from your reading, and your life, is what you’re going to get out of it. Everything is a beautiful shade of grey. Psychic readings are not magical, mystical, or evil. They are very real, wonderful, comforting, educational experiences to help each person find what they are looking for—and perhaps something they didn’t even know they were looking for! So if you haven’t already, give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Psychic Raquel give Tori a LIVE Tarot Card reading.** 

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