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Published Date 4/6/2022
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The sudden ups and downs caused by unexpected change often have people struggling to understand their life path. Rapidly changing conditions give us a chance to succeed, have new experiences, and progress. Because most people are uncomfortable with change, it helps to know when the change is coming. Numerology provides clues to what to expect and when through numerical cycles including your pinnacle number, challenge number, and personal year number and their meanings.

If you’ve ever felt long-term cycles begin and end over the course of your life, you’ve likely sensed your pinnacles. Each of these refers to a life-altering lesson you’re working toward, and your pinnacle number determines the period that you devote to each. Read on to learn more about these important numbers and how to determine your own pinnacle numbers and personal year number.

Pinnacle Numbers in Numerology

Pinnacle Numbers: The Basics

During your life, you’ll experience a total of four pinnacle cycles. The length of the first depends on your individual life path number. Once the first pinnacle cycle ends, the second and third each last for nine years. Your fourth and final pinnacle cycle runs for the rest of your life.

During each pinnacle cycle, one major lesson or goal will take precedence in your life. This is a significant opportunity for personal growth. If you’re having trouble identifying the nature of this lesson, a live psychic reading can help you work through it.

Why Pinnacle Numbers Are So Important

Each pinnacle cycle encompasses a major period of your life, and the transition from one cycle to another can be difficult and even painful. Since the transition can be significant, it can begin up to two years prior to the start of your subsequent cycle, making for a long period of change. The shift to a new cycle may even incorporate major life decisions, like career changes, marriages, and even changes to your character.

Numerologists generally consider the shift from your first pinnacle cycle to your second to be the most mentally and emotionally challenging. Since this change happens in your late twenties or early thirties, it also leads you toward maturity and a more developed personal identity. Because the shift in cycle points to so much internal change, it’s important to understand your pinnacle cycles and when they begin and end.

Numerology Numbers

Pinnacle Number Meaning

Based on your life path number, your pinnacle numbers have a significant impact on the course of your life. Understand when each of your pinnacle cycles transitions to the next, and you’ll gain a better handle on major changes to come and important lessons to learn.

The pinnacles are instructive, showing us patterns and energy that we can use to accomplish many things. But it is our job to open our minds to receive because no one escapes from the experiences of the pinnacles. A cycle of nine years is a keynote to reading and timing the pinnacles.

Each pinnacle is a period of development. Each pinnacle period also has an energy. These cycles have a major influence on our lives, and the transitive period from one cycle to another always leaves a huge impression or brings changes. Each cycle depicts some feelings and situations you are to undergo through the period. The Pinnacles are always surrounded by key situations in your life, memorable emotions, and people. Each pinnacle also represents a challenge.

There are four life pinnacles and each one also has a challenge associated with it.

The first pinnacle represents the first phase of life, and it is about becoming who you are. Representing self-reliance, developing independence, and becoming an individual, this is a time to express ideas, cultivate them to achieve recognition, and attain early success in business or career. In the first pinnacle, all experiences and people are here to teach you and should be perceived in that light. It is time to lead and not be stubborn or resort to the ego. It is a time for essential learning.

The second pinnacle covers the summer of life and the period of responsibility and family. The second pinnacle covers relationships, both personal and business. It is about learning to cooperate, share, and be considerate without sacrificing yourself in the process. It can include marriage, parenting, and cooperative endeavors.

The third pinnacle covers middle age and the more mature attitudes of mind. It often involves a change of consciousness to be more philosophical. The third pinnacle is a creative time. This is a 3 energy so it can be about enjoyment, joy, and entertainment. Many people travel and participate in inspirational, artistic, or spiritual activities.

The fourth pinnacle covers late middle age and represents the winter of life. It has to do with the human and spiritual welfare of mankind. The fourth pinnacle is about achieving material and emotional security through hard work, planning, and organizing. It is a time to put constructive ideas into practice, and management of your resources to provide a solid foundation for the rest of your life.

While the pinnacles intuitively correspond to general life stages, you may be wondering exactly when they will uniquely map to the years in your life. To do that, you will need to determine your pinnacle numbers.

Group of People - Numerology

How to Determine Your Pinnacle Numbers

To determine your pinnacle numbers, first, calculate your life path number. Take the month, date, and year of your birth, and reduce each to either a single digit or a master number, (11, 22, or 33). Next, add together the results until you arrive at a final single digit or a master number. This is your life path number.

Next, to determine your pinnacle cycles, you’ll either need to do some simple calculations or refer to the chart below for easy reference.

  • The first pinnacle is defined by adding the month and day of birth: (example: July 7 is 7/7. 7+7 =14 and 1+4=5) so this person’s pinnacle energy for their first period of life would be a 5. Now take the number 36 and subtract this number. This gives you the timing of the first pinnacle. In this example, it is 0-31. (36-5=35).
  • The second pinnacle is arrived at by adding together the year of birth plus the day of birth: (example:  7/7/1969;  7+1+9+6+9=32 or 5). Or, you can take the timing based on the end of the first pinnacle/start of the second and add 9 years to determine the time frame of the second pinnacle.
  • The third pinnacle is also thought to last 9 years.


Here’s a handy reference chart:

Life Path

Pinnacle Cycle (duration, year)






0 - 35

35 - 44

44 - 53

53 +


0 - 34

34 - 43

43 - 52

52 +


0 - 33

33 - 42

42 - 51

51 +


0 - 32

32 - 41

41 - 50

50 +


0 - 31

31 - 40

40 - 49

49 +


0 - 30

30 - 39

39 - 48

48 +


0 - 29

29 - 38

38 - 47

47 +


0 - 28

28 - 37

37 - 46

46 +


0 - 27

27 - 36

36 - 45

45 +


0 - 34

34 - 43

43 - 52

52 +


0 - 32

32 - 41

41 - 50

50 +


0 - 30

30 - 39

39 - 48

48 +

What’s a Numerology Challenge Number?

Just as we have four pinnacle cycles, we also face four main challenges in our lives, which relate to our challenge numbers and their meanings. The first challenge number generally appears in the first pinnacle. The second challenge number generally shows up anytime after the first pinnacle, and the third challenge number is a constant throughout our lives. The fourth and final numerology challenge number is related to the fourth pinnacle. 

Understand that the challenge number indicates that you’ll be challenged with the negative elements of the number while simultaneously being challenged to step up to the plate and embrace and act upon the positive and constructive aspects of the number.  Challenge numbers are not meant to be overcome; rather they indicate what you must become.

 Challenge Number - Numerology

How to Calculate Your Numerology Challenge Number

Here’s how to calculate the challenge numbers for your pinnacles. This is the one case in numerology where you must subtract numbers rather than use addition. Another important thing to note is that there are no negative numbers in numerology, so you actually can subtract a larger number from a smaller number, essentially by reversing the equation. If you subtract a 9 from a 2, for instance, what you end up with is a 7. If you subtract a 7 from a 3, what you end up with is a 4.

To arrive at your challenge numbers, begin with your date of birth. Separate your month, birthday, and year and reduce them individually. For example, if you were born on October 12, 1961, you will work with them like this to arrive at your core numbers:

Month: October (10)    1+0=1

Day: (12)                      1+2=3

Year (1961)                  1+9+6+1=17; 1+7=8;

How To Calculate Your First Challenge Number: Using your core numbers, subtract the month of birth from the day of birth. Since there are no negative numbers, if the result would be negative, subtract the day from the month. So, in the above example. 1-3 would be negative, so you will reverse it and instead subtract 3-1=2. Your first challenge number is 2.

How to Calculate Your Second Challenge Number: Again, using your core numbers, subtract the day of your birth from the year of your birth (or reverse it in the case of negative numbers). In the above example, 8-1=7. Your second challenge number is 7.

How to Calculate Your Third Challenge Number: Next, subtract the first challenge number from the second challenge number to determine your third challenge number. In this example, 7-2=5. Your third challenge number is 5.

How to Calculate Your Fourth Challenge Number: Finally, take your core number for your birth year and subtract your birth month core number. In this example, 8-3=5. Your fourth challenge number is 5.

Numerology Challenge Number Meanings

Challenge Number One: Challenge number one is to stand up for yourself and become self-reliant without being domineering.

Challenge Number Two: Challenge number two is to avoid jealousy and fear. You will be very sensitive to the environment. Use precision in handling details and be diplomatic.

Challenge Number Three is that circumstances will require you to use your imagination, musical and artistic creativity, and have more confidence.

Challenge Number Four is to develop a code of ethics and values and tone down strong opinions.

Challenge Number Five: is to be less set in your ways, to become more flexible and avoid restlessness and impatience.

Challenge Number Six: accept responsibility for your own action; be realistic, honorable, and fulfill your commitments.

Challenge Number Seven: overcome feelings of loneliness and transform them into gratitude. Don’t be prideful

Challenge Number Eight: Don’t be boastful, instead be sincere, and empower others.

There is no challenge number nine.

Personal Year Number - Numerology

How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number and What it Means

To calculate what the year has in store for you, add the digit of your month and your day of birth to the current year and reduce to one digit. For example, if you were born on 7/7 and the current year is 2022, you will do this addition: 7+7+2+0+2+2= 20 or 2. This will give you your personal year which explains the energy for the year. This tells you that your personal year is vibrating with 2 energy for you.

Knowing your personal year will help you to direct your energies correctly.

Personal Year Number - Its Message and Meaning 

Personal Year Number One: a personal year where you enter a new cycle of experience. The next nine years of your life greatly depend on what you do now. It is a clean slate. Look to the future and let things go from the past that are obsolete.

Personal Year Number Two: a personal year all about understanding partnerships and healing. It can be a year of breaking ties but should be done with caution. You will make new partnerships with friends, business, and usually love.

Personal Year Number Three: a personal year about friendships, inspiration, ideas, and dreams. It can be emotionally happy with pleasure trips and fun occupying an important place in your life.

Personal Year Number Four: a personal and a practical year; a year that brings health and financial matters (or that of your families) upon your shoulders. It is a foundation year bringing stability.

Personal Number Five: a personal year bringing change, freedom from routine, change of location, or travel. The keywords are change and new.

Personal Year Number Six: a personal year, a duty year, and caring for a family or friend are the keynotes. It is a year to talk things over and bring about peace and healing; a strong year of getting settled or settling down.

Personal Year Number Seven: Your personal year is a year of soul searching, spiritual studies, career change, schooling, and a desire to know and learn new things.

Personal Year Number Eight: Your personal year is a year of money business and good judgment with a deep desire to better your financial situations

Personal Number Nine: Your personal year is a year of completion and endings; some are necessary and welcome, and others cause upset.  It is best to go with the flow. You must attend to your life, straighten things out, and be ready to move forward.

Numerology is a tool that for centuries has been used to unlock patterns and cycles that can make life less unpredictable and help give it meaning. Exploring its mysteries offers a fascinating glimpse into the harmonies and synchronicities of numbers, mathematics, and sacred geometry. The deeper you get into numerology, the more you begin to see numerical patterns everywhere. You may also want to discover your Soul Urge Number which represents the energy and vibration of a person from a heart perspective. 

Turn to the Psychic Source Numerology Guide as a resource for decoding the hidden meaning of numbers, and to the many numerologists as Psychic Source for guidance as to their meaning in your life.



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