Palm Readings: What do the Lines Mean?

Published Date 5/20/2015
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The lines in your palm can provide insight into your life

Take a look at your palm. You’ll see that there are many different lines that touch each other, parallel each other, or just seem to start and stop out of nowhere. A palm reading allows the reader to take these lines and interpret them. This interpretation can reveal directions you need to take in your life and different obstacles you are likely to face.

The Heart Line

When you look at your palm, you will see a long line that goes from one side of the palm to the other, just below your fingers. This is the heart line, and it's one of the most significant lines in your reading.

A long, straight heart line indicates that you are likely a rational person and an analytical thinker. If this line is short and straight, it indicates that you show love through your actions, and that you tend to seek freedom. If the line splits in two, an authentic psychic will tell you that you have a habit of keeping your emotions on the back burner for others in your life.

The Head Line

Right below the heart line, you will find another long line in your palm. This is the head line. Like the heart line, this shows a significant part of your life and personality.

A short line shows that you reach conclusions quickly in your life. You don’t like to think over questions too much and will make snap decisions. A long straight line indicates the opposite. You are likely to sit and analyze a situation almost too much. If the line splits in two, you are an empathetic person who takes the time to see the perspective of others. If you have a long curve in your head line, this can indicate that you are an imaginative person and creative thinker.

The Life Line

The unique aspects of your life line, the curved line that extends from the ball of the thumb toward the wrist, can reveal additional details about your personality and how you deal with difficult situations. The length of the life line doesn’t necessarily indicate how long you will live, as is shown in many movies and television shows.

A long life line shows that you are a strong person. It indicates that when there is trouble, others look to you as their foundation. A short life line, however, indicates that you prefer not to think about the tough times. When things get hard, you’re likely to try to keep busy with other endeavors. If the line is faint, you may want to take a step back and relax, since this indicates you are a stressed person. Breaks in the line indicate traumatic life experiences.

Getting a palm reading can help you identify personality traits and how you deal with different aspects of your life. There are many more lines than these on your palm, and getting a professional reading from a live psychic can help you understand how the lines in your palm coincide with the events in your life.


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