Is it Evil? Rid Your Home of Negative Energy by Psychic Penny

Published Date 1/21/2014
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Is this house evil or is there a more simple explanation?

A question I get asked quite often is: “I think I have something in my house—is it evil?” While this sounds like a pretty easy question to answer, it hardly ever is.

If you look up the word ‘evil,’ you’ll get definitions ranging from profound immorality and wicked to causing ruin, injury, pain or harm. If you’re asked to put a face to evil, you might describe a serial killer or a demon. If you’re in the presence of evil and asked to describe the feeling you get, you may describe darkness, fear or hatred. Looking deeper, these feelings can be misinterpreted depending on the circumstances.

Here’s an example. I read for lady who had 3 children. They’d moved from a small one bedroom apartment into a much bigger house. The rent was unusually affordable and she would soon find out why. 

She called me because her family was getting an uneasy feeling in an area downstairs; they’d sometimes be so afraid that they would avoid the downstairs altogether. It stayed dark, literally. Light bulbs would burn out quickly and natural light couldn’t seem to find its way there in spite of the many open windows. She was upset and afraid there was something evil in her new home. 

For this telephone reading, I was given the ability of “remote viewing.” I could psychically “see” her home as if I were there. I immediately picked up on the unusually dark part of her home. I described a restroom in that area, which she confirmed, saying she hadn’t realized but none of them ever used that restroom and it was the only part of her new home she hadn’t bothered to decorate. 

I advised her to keep a white candle safely lit in the space and to pray every night to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, asking him to help lift the energy that was causing the darkness in this space. They followed my instructions and it took a few weeks, but the darkness lifted and they were no longer afraid to use that area of the home. 

A few months later she called me and told me that one of her neighbors who’d lived in the area for years told her a man had actually committed suicide in that restroom some time ago. The fear they were experiencing was not evil—just profound sadness and despair. Their prayers helped this lingering spirit to cross over and continue his journey to heal on the other side.

Unless you truly feel threatened, try sending love, light and feelings of hope towards the area of “evil.” This can be done in the form of prayer, lighting a white candle or just imagining that space filled with love and white light; whatever is most comfortable for you. Sometimes it really can be that easy to rid your space of negativity. 

Concentrated energy that comes from a place of love and compassion is very powerful and can, potentially, eliminate negativity from your home as well as your life.
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