How Your Body Language Affects Your Emotions by Psychic Heather

Published Date 5/23/2014
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Lifting your body up physically can actually lift your spirits mentally!

One important thing people often fail to realize is that the body/mind connection works both ways. Just as a mental state can affect body language, body language can also control the mental state.  Taking charge of one can benefit the other.  In other words, when you’re feeling down you can literally and physically lift yourself up. 

The first empowering step is to learn what your body is saying to you. What do your eyes say? Are you squinting, drawing your eyebrows together?  Do your eyes “feel worried”?  How about your mouth?  Are you smiling? Frowning?  Are your teeth clenched? Think about your shoulders.  Do you feel tension and stress?  Even your heart rate can tell you about your emotional state and, to some extent, you have control over that.  When you’re anxious, for instance, your heart may race, but you can slow it down with deep breathing exercises.  

You can also read yourself by paying attention to things like your posture and expression.  Generally, when people are depressed they describe themselves as feeling down and the body reflects this.  We can often tell when someone else has the blues from body language.  Shoulders droop, the head is held down, and usually even the voiced is lowered.  When you listen to language and word choice, depression can be evident as well.  Someone who chooses words with negative connotations will probably report depressive symptoms.  

Again, the connection works both ways. By controlling body language consciously, you can send signals to your brain that you feel better. It really is true that smiling will make you feel better. Pay attention to your body, posture, tone and your choice of words. Lift yourself up literally and this will affect your thoughts and emotions.  
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