How to Phrase Your Questions for Your Tarot Reading

Published Date 5/12/2016
Category: Psychic Topics

Learn to ask questions that get the ideal tarot reading outcome

It's not just that you ask questions, but what you ask that determines if your tarot reading is effective or even possible. Before you sit down to a deck of cards, learn how to properly phrase your questions to ensure you get a reading that truly addresses your concerns.

Precision Makes a Difference

One of the most important concepts in using tarot readings is to address the topic very specifically. The more precise the question you ask is, the more likely your answer will be precise and on target, states In many situations, people ask very vague questions. If you do so, you'll get a vague, basic answer. It's important to feel comfortable and to open up when having such a reading. Treat your tarot reader as you would a doctor. Be confident that they will hold your deepest, darkest secrets and concerns close to the chest.

Consider What You Want to Know

The tarot deck offers various layouts. Each one represents a different type of reading. Before you select a question to ask, explore this first.

  • Self/situation positions: Consider who you are. Where do you find yourself now? Address your personal self.

  • Challenges/opportunities: In this position, you'll focus on the obstacles or challenges you are facing now. You'll focus not just on the challenges, but how you can use them to your advantage, reports

  • New future: In this position, the focus is on what's happening. Which way is the wind blowing? How can you direct it in such a way that you achieve the outcome that you want?

Explore your thoughts and feelings for a moment carefully. Before asking any questions, you'll want to know what your true concerns are. If you are unsure, have a psychic chat with a professional as a first step to exploring this.

Tips for Making Questions Effective

Now that you've explored the basics, consider these tips on phrasing your questions properly to get the response you need during a tarot reading. You may find that your outcomes are enhanced when you follow these rules.

  • Focus your mind first. Reduce any anxiety and nervousness you have. Even if not directly related to the question you ask, this type of emotional state can sway information improperly.

  • You need to believe. Before you ask your question, reaffirm your belief that the tarot will give you an answer.

  • Don't ask questions with the words "should," "would," or "could" in them.

  • Don't ask questions about why something happened or why someone did something.

  • Focus your question on yourself, not on other people.

  • Don't ask questions that are overly complex. Be straightforward and simple.

  • Avoid questions with a simple yes or no answer.

  • Avoid asking a question that starts with "Will I" when it is a choice that you will need to make. If the decision is up to you to make, avoid asking in the "Will I" format.

Tarot readings can be highly effective. For that to happen, though, you'll need to ensure that you are communicating with your reader in the proper manner. 


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