How can I benefit from understanding Chakras?

Published Date 11/27/2012
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Understand the chakras

Have you ever waken in the morning and said to yourself, “I feel off today?” Instead of taking a moment, you jump out of bed, get in the shower, grab a cup of coffee, run to the car, start driving and then start to cry or feel angry for no reason...That would be your “Root Chakra” calling out to you. 

If we understand what is going on with us personally, we can handle the things around us more effectively. Understanding your Chakra is getting to know yourself on a more intimate level instead of working on a superficial level as most of us are. The Chakra is our magnetic pull to the world around us and greatly effects how we process the information that we receive. So if you wake up feeling “off,” do the Chakra test to make sure you are working on all seven levels.

In this case, the Root Chakra is where our sense of security comes from, so instead of jumping in the shower, grabbing coffee, and running to the car, just to start crying or get angry for no reason, take 2 minutes, do a cleansing breath and realize what you are feeling, as well as why. Do the "Chakra Stretch," if you will. Now when you jump into the shower talk nice to yourself..(instead of beating yourself up for not feeling good.) When you grab that coffee, take a moment to let yourself know “ I did that.”  When you get into your car, turn on your favorite music and wave your conductors wand,
allowing yourself to take in every good thing in your life, and enjoying the gift, that you are alive. As your driving,singing and waving your conductors wand, you just might find, that instead of crying or feeling angry, that you are smiling and if your not careful, even laughing.

You will be amazed, by just being aware of what your Chakra is trying to tell you, you can turn the table on anything, as well as opening yourself up to miracles.

If you would like to take a Chakra test and learn a little more, allow me to share one of my favorite links with you, a little Chakra Test to let you know where your energy is being blocked, and how to open the blocked Chakras.  

Try the Chakra Test and open yourself up to You.

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