Finding Lost Objects Via Your Dreams by Psychic MaryJane

Published Date 4/7/2021
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Use your dreams to help locate lost objects!

If you or someone you care about has lost something, I have a method I have been using for many years I wanted to share. It can be a lost object, or the name of person you simply cannot recall. It can even be a scenario you would like to come to fruition.

Before you sleep, try to get comfortable as you can. Imagine yourself finding the object. Visualize it in your hands. Feel your heartbeat. Visualize calling up your friend and proudly proclaiming, "I FOUND IT!" Visualize texting "I found it!!" to a loved one. Smile as you naturally would as you discover your lost object. Keep in this "vibrational zone." In other words, keep smiling and FEEL THE JOY of your emotions in the discovery. Try to hold this until you drift off to sleep.

My tip here is to not focus on the how. Only focus on the discovery and joyful reunion with your object.

I also say, "Thank you for helping me find ________!"

Repeat this as often and with as many things as you like. Be patient and KNOW that the object is finding its way to you.

Here are some examples of this method working for me:

I was able to locate a book from 1936, that my father gave to me that I had donated to Goodwill 14 years ago. I found this book on eBay after waking up from a dream after I had fallen asleep this way. At 3AM I grabbed my phone and there was one listing with the book for sale on eBay. It was inexpensive and being sold from the town I had lived in all those years ago. I had quite literally bought MY book back!

I have located an important book of passwords that went missing for weeks. I did not focus on "the where it was" but simply me holding it. Sure, enough I found it using this method.

I remembered a childhood friend's name that I scoured the internet for but could not locate for years. I again woke up hours after doing this method with the name clear as day. By that night I was able to locate them online and we were chatting away!

I have used this method many times in difficult painful situations involving my dear late husband and his illness. I would go to sleep and I would visualize myself talking to a specific doctor or once I visualized talking to the CEO of the hospital before I slept. The next morning, I found myself in the elevator with the CEO, someone whom I never had met or even knew his name. This encounter led to many beautiful moments, including visits and check-ins.

I have used this method to locate "the right" provider I need. I use this method to secure a good parking spot to an appointment I am going to the next day.

Call it a prayer. Call it a manifestation. But for me I just call it simply divine.

And when all else fails, you can always enlist the help of the gifted advisors at Psychic Source to help you locate objects as well!

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MaryJane is a psychic medium who has been "dream searching" her lost objects for years. She has been studying and reading the cards for nearly 3 decades. When she is not dreaming or reading, she is helping new widows navigate life and wakes up each day grateful to be alive and ready to help others in any way she can.

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