Do Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides Exist?

Published Date 11/1/2012
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Meditation can help you connect with your spirit guides.

All of us have a minimum of two guardian angels. They are assigned to us when we come back to the earth plane. However, in reality we each have a realm of angels that are there to help us, guide us, and protect us.

Though the angels are there to help us they will not interfere without us asking specifically for their help. Please utilize them. It is their job to be of service and they really want to help us.

Also, all of us have spirit guides.  Spirit guides are categorized in a couple of ways. One, there are spiritual entities that have never been in human form and agree to be someone’s spirit guide throughout their lifetime.  And two, spirit guides are sometimes loved ones who have passed to the other side and agree to be with us while we remain on the earth plane.

Our spirit guides give us answers and give us help with our life experiences.  They understand the atmosphere here on the earth plane can sometimes be very confusing and daunting.  So, when we need guidance we can always call upon them to help us.

Connecting with your spirit guides can be done in a few different ways. One is to do meditation on a regular basis. This process opens up our inner spiritual connection and gives us a solid connection with the spiritual arena on a regular basis.

When you are in this prayerful and meditative state of being this is a good time to ask for direction and answers to whatever it is you want help with.  The answers can come in the form of your thoughts, your dreams, visions, outside manifestations for whatever you’re asking for, people giving you the answer, etc.  The more you acknowledge that your spirit guides are helping you, the more you will open yourself up to being aware of their presence in your life.

All of our spirit guides have chosen to be with us. They love us and want the best for us. It is their “job” to be our guides.  They take their jobs very seriously in that they are dedicated to helping us reach enlightenment, obtain joy, and have the happy life which is our natural birthright.

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dluvsjc11: I do not remember all my dreams only few of them. Last dream I remember about my ex fiance that he came back to our house. Inside the dream, I gave him chocolate and my nephew was hugging him with so much love but he was angry and saying foul language.

bavi4703: I believe in the angels and spirit guides. I have noticed that through the years of my life that get answers in my dreams. I also ask my deceased dad to guide me and he also answers me in my dreams.

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