Clair What? A Look at Psychic Powers

Published Date 1/2/2020
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Understand psychic powers to benefit from them.

Understand psychic powers to benefit from them.

There are all sorts of psychic powers and abilities, so it's pretty easy to get confused. When you're trying to decide what kind of psychic reading will benefit you the most, you need to understand what's available to you. After you know what's going on, you can pick the perfect reader to tell you the things you're dying to know.

Clear Vision Through Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is one of the most widely-known psychic powers. It's even been posited that everyone has some level of clairvoyance. This power translates into “clear vision.” Clairvoyants have the ability to see, in their minds, different frequencies and perceptions. They can see things in another realm, which puts them in tune with spirits and images that tell them how to help their clients.

Clairvoyants have more sensory-related perceptions. They use those perceptions to give you intuitive advice for both specific problems and general issues. They see the things that aren't visible to anyone else, which is why they can offer so much guidance into things that happen now, things that happened in the past, and things that may happen in the future.

Clear Hearing Through Clairaudience

Clairaudience, naturally, refers to “clear hearing,” or “clear audio.” Psychics with this power can hear words, sounds, and even conversations from different realms. Specifically, they pick up messages and otherwise inaudible noise from the spiritual realm. Clairaudients can deliver messages based on what they pick up through their mental ears. They're attuned to delicate and special vibrations that other people simply cannot hear. Psychic mediums usually have both clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Clear Knowing Through Claircognizance

Claircognizance is a lesser known psychic power, but it's amazing. Translating into the idea of “clear knowing,” it's something that you may experience yourself. Psychics with this power simply know things, and that knowledge can appear out of the ether. It has roots in Christianity but it also focuses on the Chakras. People who instinctively know something and trust those instincts are also experiencing claircognizance. In fact, your own claircognizance may convince you that you need to see a psychic.

Clear Touch Through Clairtangency

Clairtangency is an extremely interesting psychic power. It means “clear touch” and, as you might expect, refers to the ability to touch something and learn about its history—or the history of the person to whom it belongs. Also known as psychometry, the psychic who practices this will receive messages through the palms of his or her hands. If you take a piece of clothing or jewelry to a clairtangent, you can learn about the person who wore the item—where they are, what happened, how they feel, and what they're doing now.

Clear Emotion Through Clairempathy

Clairempathy provides the power of clear emotion. Empaths have this power, which allows them to get an emotional read on anyone or anything. They become extremely in tune with their subject, so they can feel dread, fear, happiness, sadness, or any other emotion. Those feelings are very strong, so talking to a live psychic with clairempathy is a worthwhile experience.

Now that you know about the different psychic powers, which one will suit you best? What will you ask?


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