Benefits of a Psychic Reading by Psychic Danielle

Published Date 6/6/2019
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How might a psychic reading benefit you?

How might a psychic reading benefit you?

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People call me a Psychic because I have always been able to access information, past, present and future, which is not apparent to the five senses. I’m going to introduce a term to you, which was coined by the Author of “Seat of the Soul”, Gary Zukav. The term is “multisensory,” and it refers to those who have learned to access and live beyond life as a five-sense experience. Some call this cultivated sense the 6th sense or “paranormal”, but it is my considered opinion that we all have the possibility to live beyond our five senses.

I don’t believe it’s magic, or “para” anything or even limited to a 6th sense; I believe being clairvoyant, (receiving information through visual imagery), clairsentient, (receiving information through “knowing”) and clairaudient (receiving information by hearing from beings not on our plane of existence) is possible for all humans. I have taught and lectured on personal empowerment and Psychic Development many times, and it is the topic of another discussion, but I use this information here to lay the foundation of my topic today: “What is a Psychic and what can you expect to receive from consulting with a gifted advisor?”

What is a Psychic?
Webster’s Dictionary states this: Psychic – adjective. Relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws.

Many of us who have mastered senses beyond the familiar five senses perhaps in former lives, or perhaps through near death experiences, or just because we were born with an inherited gift, are most commonly led to assist others with these abilities. It is an unseen drive within to assist the whole of our species to evolve into realizing our own innate divinity. 

I need to mention that not every multisensory person is spiritually evolved, but there seems to be a correlation between the “intent and integrity of the reader” and the source and accuracy of the information and guidance received. 

What Should You Expect from a Psychic Reading?
For our purposes here let’s assume you have been guided to an authentic and accurate Psychic. What can you expect from counsel with such a person and why should you consider seeking a Psychic’s insights?

Most individuals reaching out for a reading are needing insight into relationships, finances, career choices, and the like, and are rarely consciously seeking anything as lofty as how to connect with their own divinity. It is my contention that “divine spirit” meeting us where we are, uses our everyday concerns to generate an openness to expanding our paradigms and limitations. Let’s face it, it takes a lot of “faith” to spend your hard-earned funds and consult a “Psychic” for insight. 

Why Consult with a Psychic? 
You have no doubt heard the idiom: “She couldn’t see the forest for the trees.” While you may be overwhelmed and even blinded in a situation which is mired down by all of the dynamics and details a good Psychic should be able to see your circumstances as if sitting on a summit overviewing the entire playing field and, be able to read the end play with a high degree of accuracy. This allows your advisor to guide you on your next best-indicated steps. A good reading will not always offer accurate time lines, because time is a created thing and most questions pertain to “event clocks” and not “tick tock clocks”. 

A good reader will almost never tell you what you should or should not do, and a good reader will never judge, moralize, or pontificate when reading a situation. What a good reader will do is tell you the truth about what they see as the probable outcome of a situation as the energy is at that moment, what you can do to participate in changing and creating your desired outcome for a situation, and how you can connect with “divine source” for yourself, so that you are empowered as you move forward in your respective life challenge. If you have had a consultation with a gifted Psychic, you should expect to leave a reading with clarity about your situation, hope for your future, knowledge of what if anything to do next, and an understanding that you are not alone on your journey.

The ultimate goal of an evolved intuitive counselor or Psychic is to empower people to find their own inner guidance for clarity, hope and knowledge so that one can intuitively know how to handle situations which once baffled them. We can all evolve into beings that are sensitive to one another, believe in ourselves, and understand what we need in order to live fulfilling lives. We at Psychic Source are here to assist you as you travel your road to happy destiny.

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