Being an Empath and Maintaining a Relationship

Published Date 11/4/2012
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Empathy can be gift, however a burden at times when it comes to a relationship.

Empathy can be gift, however a burden at times when it comes to a relationship.

Empathy can be gift, however a burden at times when it comes to a relationship. If you are an empath, you feel your emotions as well as your partner’s emotions. This can be a catastrophe if you don’t learn how to control it. Control is a lifelong learning process as your gift becomes stronger.
Empaths normally have problems with taking on emotions and energies of the environment around them.  You can be completely happy when walking into a room, but give it about ten minutes or so; you become angry for no reason. Sure enough, you find out there is a fight or an argument that happened just before you arrived. This lets you know you are picking up on the environment you walked into.

This happens during a relationship more than anything. As an empath, you feel what your partner is feeling. If your partner is happy then you are happy, or when your partner is sad, you are sad. This can pose as a problem during an argument. You feel the anger your partner is feeling and tend to be angrier than your partner. It’s good to notice this anger from the start and take a moment to walk away. Once you are able to walk away, you can sort through what feelings are yours and what you are feeling from your partner. Take a day or two if needed.

The best part of being an empath is feeling the love coming from you and someone else. It is a very strong healing energy that flows through you. Therefore, when you are with someone who loves you, you immediately know! Try not to be pushy when you feel this love. Sometimes people need time to open up. Just because you feel it does not mean the other is ready for it. Just be happy to know this is what you feel because you don’t want to push him/her away.

Lastly, to know when you are picking up on someone else’s emotions is not easy. You have to find a way to distinguish your own emotions from your environment. The best way to do this is to notice how you feel when you are alone before you enter an environment. If you know how you feel before you walk into a situation and immediately feel something different once you get there, then pay attention to who is around and what that person is feeling. It just might be them!

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