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Published Date 11/8/2012
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Once an animal has gotten your attention, it is time to study it and its habits to try and discern the lesson it is offering you.

What is an Animal Totem?  How can they be important to me?  When do they show up?  How can I know if one (or more) shows up in my life?  I often get these or similar questions, usually because Animal Totems are not that well understood.

An Animal Totem is an animal energy.  The energy is usually one that exemplifies some part of that animal in life.  For example the Lion energy is often about learning to use your voice - speaking up – pointing back to the roar of the lion.  This animal energy, in my experience, tends to be subtle but persistent. 

Animal Totems tend to show up in a person's life when they have a lesson for the person, to offer help and guidance, or, in rarer cases, provide protection.  Some Totems can be with a person for a lifetime, but most show up for a specific purpose, and once that purpose has been accomplished they move on. 

Animal Totems make themselves known in many ways, but usually, you just start to notice them.  It doesn't have to be the actual animal either.  Say Spider is showing up.  You could see a spider web outside your door. Or a news story about someone being bitten by a spider and having a reaction.  Or a show about spiders on National Geographic channel.  Or even an advertisement for some type of “spyder” app for the internet.  If Spider shows up several times in one or more of these ways, it is likely she is trying to get your attention.  Other ways they may make themselves known: for example, if you see an animal that it would not be common for you to see in the area, or you see an animal common for the area, but it is doing something unusual.

Many people, when they think of Animal Totems, only think of the big, strong, well known, popular animals – like Wolf or Eagle or Bear.  But Sparrow or Ant can be very powerful totems for the lessons they offer, so it is important to not “expect” you have certain totems, or “pre-judge” animals as not being a “good” totem.  In fact, it is often an animal that you intensely dislike or fear that has the strongest lessons for you.

Once an animal has gotten your attention, it is time to study it and its habits to try and discern the lesson it is offering you.  There are many books that can help you with this, or, you can call a reader who specializes in helping you understand Animal Totems.

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