3 Things to do After you call Psychic Source.

Published Date 5/26/2012
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Make what our Psychics have told you work for you!

Psychic Stephen recently discussed 6 things to do before you call Psychic Source for those people teetering on the edge, wondering and wondering.  So then what to do after your call?

Here’s 3 tips that can really help the next call – and the next move for you:

1. Just like in the movie “The Matrix,” our Psychics told you only what you needed to hear. We want to help you, but we also don’t want to scold you like a child or run you off screaming in despair! That guy you haven’t talked to in 6 months? Yeah, he’s not coming back – but that’s a good thing! You deserve better! So if you want us to be more or less blunt, remember this for next time, both with your friends and with your psychic readers.

2. Meditate on what you heard. Even if you just sit for a few minutes after a call, meditating on your breath, you just had a very unusual experience. Someone you barely know just gave you advice or read your feelings – that’s heady stuff! Relax on it...don’t over-analyze it. Just take it in, maybe over some nice tea. Or wine (hey, we’re not judging!)

3. And then? Prep mentally for your next call. Once you’ve chosen your personal Psychic will be, treat it like a relationship – and share your expectations! Your expectations can’t be met unless others know what they are, so if you want your news given more bluntly, or more delicately, or you just want us to shut UP for a few minutes so you can pour something off your chest, tell us! We’re here for you. Let me repeat that one more time: We’re here for you.

So don’t ever worry about telling us what you need from us. And if we can’t provide it, check the site again – someone here can. Find your special relationship, find it early, and tell us what you expect, and you, too, will find your way...
or your lost cell phone.

Did you check your car? We think it’s in your car. Give us a call today!

Author's Photo by Stephen x8696

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