When Will I Find Love? by Psychic Ivanka

Published Date 7/20/2020
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You don't always need to wait for love to find you.

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Allow me to start with one of the most common questions asked to any Psychic Advisor: “When will I find love?”  There are very rare circumstances where that question will result in a date, time, or season. What will often be revealed is a set of circumstances that will lead to love. Another common answer to this question will be changes that a person can make to be ready for love. In essence, very rarely does love show up without preparation and if love does show up on a particular date or season, it won’t matter if you are not prepared.

Wanting love means going toward love, not waiting for love to come to you. Obstacles are opportunities for growth that many people don’t take because they prefer their comfort zones. So, holding on to hope is important but knowing in advance that it will require effort is also just as important. 

Are You Self-Aware?

Another fact is that all of the obstacles are not external to us. It is easy to focus on circumstances that don’t allow us pursue love. It is even easier to focus on a potential lover’s faults and blockages. The Law of Attraction and spiritual evolution both emphasize focusing on yourself. In love and in life, self-awareness leads to everything that is meant for us. Yet, we wait and expect things that we have not consciously prepared ourselves to receive.

Try to Enjoy the Process

Maybe self-reflection and self-awareness seems like we are trying to find faults within us. Perhaps we think that childhood wounds and trauma should not define us. In other words, we believe that our own efforts for growth are based on negativity. We approach new people and situations fearing judgment but expecting to get what we want. One of the hardest things for anyone to do is to enjoy the process. 

Know that you have shortcomings and that you will overcome them. 

Know that the circumstances might not be perfect, but that love is everywhere. 

Know that the object of your affection can stay or leave at any moment and for any reason, but love is with you always. 

Enjoying the process depends on you knowing is that the love you seek is already within you, simply seeking the most rewarding means of expression.

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