What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

Published Date 6/30/2014
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Crossed arms are signs of discomfort, disagreement, and egotism

In January 2013, researchers from Princeton University asked people to judge from photographs the emotions of the people depicted. Some images showed only facial expressions, some body language, and some both. The academics found participants could guess the emotions more accurately based on body language, whether alone or combined with facial expressions, than facial expressions alone. It’s clear then that body language tells others what you might be thinking, but could yours be alienating you?

You Cross Your Arms

Many people cross their arms as part of their normal stance, but this habit is one that’s worth breaking for the messages it sends. Crossed arms are a sign of defensive resistance, which suggests that someone is uncomfortable or in disagreement with someone else’s point of view. It signals to anyone you’re talking to that you’re ready for the conversation to end. It’s also sometimes interpreted as a sign of egotism. Rather than crossing your arms, you should take a more open stance and keep your arms at your sides.

You’re a Pouter

Pouting is one of the most immature of bad body language habits, because it obviously shows your displeasure. People who pout are consciously or unconsciously attempting to be noticed. They’re not even attempting to hide their feelings for the sake of good manners! This behavior mimics the way small children behave when they don’t get their way, and it’s very unbecoming for adults.

Pouting can take many forms. There’s the traditional fat lip we’re all familiar with, but pouters might also roll their eyes, sigh heavily, or flare their nostrils in disgust. Whichever pouting behavior you display, it’s time to stop. Unless you start faking happiness, even when you’re in a bad mood, people will simply stop hanging around.

You’re Easily Distracted

We’ve all had conversations with people who appeared to have something better to do. Perhaps they continually glance at their watch or their phone, or inspect their fingernails. No matter what the act, it sends the same message. This distracted body language says that these people are really bored and perhaps even arrogant enough to believe the conversation is beneath them. Are you guilty of these bad habits?

Try to focus on nothing but the person you’re speaking with, rather than the other places you need to be and the items on your to-do list. If you don’t give them your full attention when they need you, you risk alienating yourself when you want to have a chat.

How Can You Be More In Tune With Your Body?

If you recognize these bad body language habits, you should make a conscious effort to change them. It can be a struggle, but reminding yourself of the impression they give should help you repress your urges.

You may also like to discuss your inner-feelings and how they impact your body language with a live psychic. An authentic psychic can provide the guidance you need to get more in tune with your body and control your bad body language habits.

No matter what you’re feeling inside, it’s smart to consider the message your body language is sending. Yours could easily be alienating you.


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