Using Tarot to Choose Between Two Lovers by Psychic Shannon

Published Date 4/16/2020
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Try a love triangle tarot reading if you are choosing between 2 lovers.

Try a love triangle tarot reading if you are choosing between 2 lovers.

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Two loves! It sounds exciting, doesn't it? Two people attracted to you, maybe even in love with you. It must be a wonderfully exciting time in your life!

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Trying to decide how to choose between two loves can be confusing and difficult. You may feel nervous, unsure, and wonder if you are making the right decision. It should be a thrilling and romantic time in your life, instead you feel torn and pushed to decide.

Using the Tarot for Choosing Between Two Lovers

It's time to turn to the tarot for some sound guidance and advice! A love triangle tarot reading can give you revealing information, allowing you to look beneath the surface and make the right decision. Whether you call one of Psychic Source's talented advisors, or read your own cards, a love triangle tarot reading can help guide you in the right direction.

Sometimes it is hard to know if a person truly loves you or has some other agenda. Two loves make it even more complicated. First, look into your heart and honestly decide what you need in your life. Is it a life partner, even a husband or wife? Maybe you just want a romantic partner, with no strings attached. Identify your own needs, then it is time to decide how to choose between your two loves!

A Sample Love Triangle Tarot Spread

Let's call your first love, A, and the second love, B. 

Lover A is a Leo, fiery and a positive thinker. We will choose The King of Wands to represent him in a reading. The Wands in the tarot deck often represent fire signs. Lover A has been with you for some time and seems to deeply care about you. Then why doesn't he commit to you or even pop the question? We will lay out three tarot cards around the King of Wands and find out!

The first card we turn up is The Ace of Cups , showing the beginning of love. Lover A does have true feelings! The second card is The Three of Pentacles showing our King of Wands focusing on his career. The last card is The Seven of Pentacles, showing a waiting period before the relationship moves ahead. The seeds of love have been planted but haven't developed fully as of yet.

Lover B is a Gemini, so we are choosing The Knight of Swords as his card. Lover B is an exciting and challenging person, but often comes and goes in your life. The first card we turn up around the Knight of Swords is The Moon. This card shows things going on behind the scene and possible deception. It's time to look deeper at this relationship! The second card is The Three of Swords, followed by The Five of Cups. The three of swords represents heartbreak, while the five of cups shows sadness and loss. This relationship may be heading in a difficult direction.

Listen to The Tarot Cards… and Your Heart

Your tarot card selections are clearly pointing to a real relationship with Lover A, even though it may take more time to develop. The relationship with Lover B shows more problems and a lack of trust. One of you may decide to move on.

The tarot has given you advice to help with your decision choosing between two lovers. Listen to your heart but don't be afraid to evaluate and ask questions. After all, the right romantic decision could last a lifetime!

Blessing to you,
Shannon x9081

Want to know more? In her Podcast about the Lovers Card, Psychic Therese illuminates the symbolism and meaning behind one of the most well-known tarot cards when it comes to love and relationships.


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