Understanding The Law of Attraction by Psychic Addison

Published Date 8/21/2015
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Are you in tune with your emotions?

Are you in tune with your emotions?

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The Law of Attraction has become a prevalent topic in the last few years. Many speak of the Law of Attraction as though it were some magical tool that one can use to draw in whatever they desire in life. This assumption is partly correct, although it creates a mystique around the subject which can lead to a belief that there is no work involved, only magic. 

This could not be further from the truth. 

While it is a tool that can help one realize their dreams and achieve their goals, it is not magic. In order to apply the Law of Attraction in your life successfully, you will be required to become aware and rethink much of the way you approach your life and then put what you learn into practice. So, let's look at just what exactly all this talk is about.

Like Attracts Like
The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. In other words, similar energies are attracted to each other. This law of physics, the Law of Attraction, is exactly how we attract what shows up in our lives. At first glance it seems like a simple enough concept. Simple in principle but not so much in practice. 

We know from physics that everything on earth emits a vibration; atoms, the rocks, the animals, humans, and even thoughts. We humans sense our world through vibrations that are in turn transmuted into waves. Common sensory experiences would include vision where our eyes sense light waves and hearing where our ears sense sound waves. 

Good Vibrations
Each emotion we have comes with its own vibration as well. So, joy would be a vastly different emotion from despair, sadness very different from contentment, etc. They feel different to us due to this difference in vibration. We have been given our emotions as a tool to understand where we are in relation to what it is we want in life. 

When we feel despair, we are not on the same vibrational level as the joy we want and these emotions are an indication of the distance between where we are and what we desire. They are here to show us what we are in the process of creating if we continue on in the same vibrational thought pattern.

This doesn't mean we can instantly jump from grief to ecstasy, but if we can notice our feelings and consciously choose thoughts that help us feel better, we can move the vibration up and create a shift in our experience. 

You Get What You Give
What you put out there in the universe is exactly what you will get back. It does sound simple until you start diving deeper into your own behavior in life and actually take a good hard look at how you have been creating what shows up in your life. That's why it's not just the thoughts you think, it's the vibration that accompany the thoughts. And, you will never stop vibrating so why not learn to vibrate at the level that will bring the most joy into your life?

Emotional Experimentation
I would invite you to do your own experiment and not just think of this as an interesting topic. Decide to really watch your emotions and how you are feeling about what is currently going on. If it feels good, continue to focus that way and keep bringing in that joy. If it feels bad to you, notice that and ask yourself why and how you could shift to something that feels better. 

Sometimes you can reframe the situation to see what opportunity is being presented for you, seizing it as a learning tool, and feeling better as it becomes clearer. Other times, you will have to refocus on something completely different to begin feeling better. As you become more consistent at reaching for a better feeling thought, you will notice your life seems to flow easier. Try it and see for yourself. 

If you would like to explore this topic further, I encourage you to contact me at x9189 and we can discuss it in more depth.

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