Tori Spelling's Best Kept Parenting Secrets

Published Date 5/10/2017
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"My readings really help me believe in myself - hearing my Advisor tell me I'm a great mom is so reassuring."

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As we’ve gotten to know Tori Spelling on a personal level, it’s very clear that her family is the center of her world. With five children together (welcome baby Beau!), a life in the spotlight, and numerous career ventures, the couple has definitely mastered parenting—or at least they make it look that way. During our recent interview, I was surprised to find that Tori is really a very “normal” mom. Yes, even her kids wear dirty sneakers sometimes…and guess what, they’re surviving just fine!

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Ms. Spelling and I chatted about one of the most rewarding jobs in the world: parenthood. While she may appear to be Supermom, it’s not easy! So how does Tori, someone with such a hectic lifestyle, keep it all together? Her answers were refreshing, honest, and synonymous to her parenting style: REAL.

What advice have you received from Psychic Source to keep you calm, centered and balanced? How do you juggle family and career?

“It’s all about trusting your instincts. Mothers have the best instincts and guidance. People are always going to tell you their opinion—that’s just the world we live in. We think, ‘What’s the best advice? How should I be doing this?’ I truly believe, now more than ever with five kids, to trust myself. Each child is different and you never know what you’re going to get! Trusting yourself will always lead you the right way—the calm is from within.”

“The thing I hear the most is: ‘How do you do it? I have one and I can barely keep it together.’ I don’t spend much time thinking about how I do it because I’m doing it. Just go; just do. I’m not a list person, I’m not an organized person, but somehow I do it all.”

In the world of blogging, everyone’s lives always look so perfect. Tori laughed about how her house seems so messy and she sees photos of her friends’ houses looking perfect. In reality, their houses are just as messy. You know what they do? Move things to one corner, take a photo, and move it all back. When you have kids, your house is not going to be perfect. Her friend told her frankly, “We have kids, we have a life. This is loving life and living life.” 

“It’s so nice to know you’re not perfect. Imperfections are perfections,” she said proudly.

Tori’s kids are at the age where they’re picking out their own clothes and she lets them. To the mom of five, kids should feel like they look good in what they wear because they picked it out, not because you made them wear it. “If it doesn’t look perfect, so what? Hattie wants to wear princesses and mermaids and trolls. What am I going to do, tell her, ‘No you can’t wear Frozen every day’?”

“We’re inundated by parenting books, blogs, and social media with this perception of parenthood that isn’t realistic because it’s all so individual. You have to trust yourself. My readings really help me believe in myself—hearing my Advisor tell me I’m a great mom is so reassuring.”

How have the Psychic Source Advisors influenced you as a parent?

“Confirmation and reassurance. Everyone has self-doubt when things don’t go as planned in life. Psychic Source gave me my power back in a way that I didn’t know I could get it back. All my readings have pointed back to, ‘Trust yourself,’ and it’s given me back that belief. It’s really empowering.”

If you’re a parent, you probably know what it feels like to compare yourself or doubt your choices—you’re only human! It’s important to trust your instincts and intuition. Get the reassurance you’re looking for during your next reading. Take it from Tori: imperfection is perfection!

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