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Published Date 2/6/2018
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Is this how you picture your one true soulmate?

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“I have found my soulmate” has been said countless times by hundreds of thousands of individuals. The deep affinity that two people have for one another has led to numerous friendships, marriages, and partnerships.

Not every soulmate leads to intimacy or even lifelong relationships, but all bring two people together to fulfill part of their Karma contracts before exiting this planet.

A Brief History of Soulmates
In Plato’s Symposium, he states that there were three human genders: men, women, and “Androgynous”. The men were the children of the sun, the women were the children of the earth, and the Androgynous were the children of the moon who were born of the sun and the earth. However, the humans sought to overthrow the Gods, so Zeus split the humans in half as a punishment for their pride and doubled the humans to pay tribute to the Gods.

The humans were so unhappy separated from their other half, so Apollo sewed up the bodies and the only remaining part of their original form was the navel. Each human then had a set of genitalia and would forever long for its other half; and the other half of their soul. Once the two souls find each other and unite in body, their joy has no bounds.

Aristotle is quoted as saying, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” In Jewish faith Bashert is the Yiddish word meaning “destiny.” A proverb that a “marriage is made in Heaven,” can be the seeming fate of an important event, friendship, or marriage through the divinely foreordained spouse (or soulmate) by the basherte (female) or basherter (male).

Finding Your Twin Flame
We have many soulmates but only one true love or twin flame. We meet many that have some true energy connection to ourselves. Yet the one twin flame is the better half as Apollo designed to bring our souls in union. There are many that make us feel like they COULD be the one. But not all are for a lifelong journey. As a matter of fact, some soulmates bring us life lessons or some Karmic debt from our past that lets us complete part of our contract.

The lifelong relationships that some people have with their partners seem so easy and effortless. Both speak the same language, their characteristics are very similar, and they even start to look like the other half (that is scientifically proven but that is best saved for another article). These relationships glide and are cohesive. All people wish for this type of flow in their relationships.

If this is not how your relationship feels or doesn’t have good cohesiveness or there are multiple partners over a course of your lifetime, then you might be working through some of your soulmates. A twin flame is out there for each of us and yet to find one might be taking you to a new level; a different destination that completes you and your destiny.
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DazlingDiva: ive been involved in a twin flame relationship. They are known to "run", be in and out, very nerve wrecking! am I not right?

Insidelove: Very interesting

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