Overcoming Familial Rifts

Published Date 7/27/2013
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Overcoming jealousy and familial rifts

Many people say that jealously stems from being envious of something you can't have. Regardless, no one wants to be categorized as a green-eyed monster. If you're jealous of your brother, it's likely causing a rift in your family and making it difficult to associate with your sibling on a regular basis.

If you've always been envious of your brother due to his age or the way your parents treat him, you may be doing yourself an injustice. Jealousy can consume your time and take away from the opportunity to make your own life better. One way that you can learn to get over these feelings is by sitting down with your sibling and discussing your concerns. By letting it out into the open, you'll feel better and be able to begin a familial relationship with a clean slate.

Another way to overcome your jealousy is by taking pride in your own strengths, according to Psych Central. Try not to compare yourself to someone else - appreciate your own talents to build your self-esteem and you'll be surprised at how quickly your feelings subside.

Consider contacting a psychic line for more insight into the situation if it doesn't improve. Psychic readings can let you know if you and your brother have peace in your futures.


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