Not Everyone is Cheating - Recognizing Signs of Depression by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 8/16/2019
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Not all mood changes may be signs of cheating.

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Recently you’ve noticed your partner has stopped being so happy-go-lucky and easy to talk to. They seem disinterested, unmotivated, negative and easily irritated. The first thoughts that come to mind are “I did something wrong” or “he or she is interested in someone else.” Though in some cases, yes, your partner might be cheating and in some cases they are not.  A cheater’s behavior is a bit different than someone dealing with personal life issues and as a result, are withdrawing.

It is easy to assume someone is cheating because some of the red flags are similar. However, there are indeed some diagnostic differences between someone cheating and someone who is potentially facing an undiagnosed mood disorder.  Keep in mind, mood disorders do range from mild to severe, and often individuals might be facing periods of depression or anxiety and not even be aware.

For instance, individuals facing a brief episode of depression, who has never been diagnosed might not even be aware. The symptoms of depression do not just include feeling blue. 

Depression may include some of the following symptoms:
1. Ongoing low mood or sadness
2. Consistently feeling hopeless and helpless
3. Low self-esteem, which makes them refrain from sexual engagement
4. Easily irritated and intolerant of others, including their kids
5. Random periods of crying
6. Trouble making decisions
7. Changes in eating habits, which can include both overeating or not having an appetite
8. Changes in sleeping patterns, either excessive sleep or unable to sleep due to staying up late worrying
9. Increase in alcohol consumption
10. Feeling guilt-ridden because they are not being productive
11. A decline in motivation or interest in things they normally enjoy
12. Feeling anxious or worried often
13. Expressing suicidal thoughts or desire to harm self

If you either find your partner dealing with these issues, or are experiencing them yourself, a gifted Psychic Source advisor may be able to offer help and guidance. In addition, we can help further distinguish the signs of cheating in a relationship vs. symptoms of depression and other mood disorders, so give us a call or chat please.  However, if issues with depression or sadness worsen, you should immediately seek professional medical help, and always remember you are not alone!

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