Love Lessons for Empaths - How to Avoid Falling for a Narcissist

Published Date 10/11/2020
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Falling in love is a beautiful thing, as long it's not with a narcissist.

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, as long it's not with a narcissist.

Falling in love is an intimate part of life, and often, you don't get to choose when and where you fall. You can, however, take precautions to make sure you don't fall for someone with narcissistic tendencies without guarding your heart against a chance at something real.

Understanding the motives and behaviors of narcissists can help you as an empath to avoid a relationship with them and put your empathetic personality toward those worthy of your compassion. Love psychics may be able to guide you and help you apply these tips. 

Recognize the Reasons Why Empaths Fall for Narcissists

Empaths fall for narcissists because narcissist partners tend to put on a facade in the beginning of a relationship. They appear kind, genuine, romantic, whatever they believe will sway you, as the empath partner, to fall for them. Over a period of time, your narcissist partner will slowly lower their kind persona in sudden outbursts or mood swings, which might concern you, but by this point, you have only known the good side to them. So you stick it out, assuming your partner is stressed out, or upset for a valid reason.

This leads to the next reason why empaths fall for narcissists. As an empath, you have a desire to help others and make them feel good, which makes you believe you can heal your narcissist partner and their upsetting behaviors. This continuous cycle of bad behavior, fighting, and even verbal or physical abuse can cause you to form a trauma bond with your narcissist partner.

A trauma bond is when the empath in the relationship feels a sense of closeness to the narcissist, due to the hardships their relationship has been through (usually because of the narcissist). Throughout the build-up to a trauma bond, the narcissist tends to point out your flaws, making you focus on your wrong-doing rather than their own. Thus the trauma bond is born, and you become caught between wanting to leave them, wanting to heal them, and being ashamed of your flaws.

Watch for These Narcissistic Signs in the Person You Are Dating

  • They say "I love you," too quickly.
  • They are incredibly needy and cannot stand when you have plans without them.
  • They have a sense of entitlement from which they base their actions.
  • They talk about themselves way too much.
  • They seem bored when you tell them about your day or express your emotions.
  • They tend to lack strong, meaningful friendships in their lives.
  • They make fun of you and put you down (unsupportive of your goals, appearance, etc.)
  • They are indecisive about making your relationship official.
  • They don't apologize for anything they do.

Love is full of mystery, but there is a difference between passion and abusive behaviors. Try psychic love readings and make sure you remain aware of how your compassionate heart tends to long for healing others. The right person will cherish you, as you cherish them, and return your love tenfold.


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