Love Connections Part 2 - Three Key Factors in Lasting Love by Psychic Narnia

Published Date 2/7/2019
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Are you both ready for the next step in your relationship?

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When deciding whether to move a connection to a deeper level, whether that is just becoming lovers, moving in together, or even thinking of marriage, there are some things you need to consider in order to ensure it’s the right choice for you.  
1.  Can you be yourself with this person?   
Many times people try to make the other person in the relationship happy, even to their own detriment (especially upon first meeting). That might get you into a relationship but it isn’t sustainable long-term. It will only set you up to be unhappy and confuse the other person. 
I know how hard it can be to start a new, exciting connection. You may try to do whatever it takes to win the person over and get them to care about you. But if you do things you don’t enjoy, or somehow try to behave in a way that isn’t true to yourself just so the other person will like you, it gives a false sense of security in the relationship. Your partner won’t know that you’re unhappy or uncomfortable if you don’t let them know.   
2.  Do you accept the other person as they are?  
If you feel that your partner would be perfect “if only” they changed _____, it isn’t a good sign.  Thinking that you will be able to “fix” the person you’re trying to have a relationship with is a sure path to failure.  The best way to create a solid relationship is to accept the person you care for exactly as they are, the same way you deserve to be accepted exactly as you are.   
3.  Are you both ready? 
If one of you wants more, but the other isn’t ready, it can lead to someone feeling pressured or disappointed. Be patient and open to what the other person needs.  If you can see why the other person isn’t ready, that will help not feel so disappointed.  And if you can understand why the other person does want to take the next step it can help you to not feel pressured.   
Have realistic expectations. Be honest about what you need and listen when the other person tells you what they need. Build a foundation upon which the relationship can grow. Ask yourself: are the two of you capable of compromise?  You both deserve to come to an agreement on areas that your desires don’t align.  Compromise is an important aspect that a lot of people misunderstand.  Many people think compromise means taking turns giving up what you want.  That doesn’t have to be true. The best relationships happen when both people give a little and take a little. It takes work and patience, but is worth it if you truly want a healthy relationship. 

Now that you know how to Take a Loving Connection to the next level, do you know how to maintain that love well into the future?   

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