When Life Sucks, Choose to Smile Back by Psychic Radha

Date 1/12/2023
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It's true... smiling makes you happier!

It's true... smiling makes you happier!

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Some of the hardest things you will experience in life have been divinely orchestrated for your growth. These experiences were brought forth before you were born to push you to ask the right spiritual questions. When you can take fear and pain and smile back at these with a deep understanding and compassion for the journey, their charge quickly dissolves. 

The saying “What you resist, persists” is true. 

Today is your day to decide how you can transmute negativity into a win. How do you accomplish such a task? By creating a spiritual practice that supports your growth and tethers you to unwavering faith that the outcome you seek has already been accomplished.

Put on a Happy Face and Your Ups and Downs May Fizzle

Start by being grateful for the people and things that are most valuable to you or give you the greatest pleasure. If you've just suffered a loss in your career or love life, this may be difficult to do, but being aware of what you have that's beneficial can immediately boost your mood.

It's also important not to wait for happiness to come around the corner - you have the ability to change the situation and improve your own outlook. Think about how happy friends look when you've paid them a sincere compliment and you'll gain a good understanding of how you can improve someone's spirit with a simple act.

How Your Body Language Affects Your Emotions

One important thing people often fail to realize is that the body/mind connection works both ways. Just as a mental state can affect body language, body language can also control the mental state.  Taking charge of one can benefit the other.  In other words, when you’re feeling down you can literally and physically lift yourself up. 

The first empowering step is to learn what your body is saying to you. What do your eyes say? Are you squinting, drawing your eyebrows together?  Do your eyes “feel worried”?  How about your mouth?  Are you smiling? Frowning?  Are your teeth clenched? Think about your shoulders.  Do you feel tension and stress?  Even your heart rate can tell you about your emotional state and, to some extent, you have control over that.  When you’re anxious, for instance, your heart may race, but you can slow it down with deep breathing exercises.  

You can also read yourself by paying attention to things like your posture and expression.  Generally, when people are depressed, they describe themselves as feeling down and the body reflects this.  We can often tell when someone else has the blues from body language.  Shoulders droop, the head is held down, and usually, even the voice is lowered.  When you listen to the language and word choice, depression can be evident as well.  Someone who chooses words with negative connotations will probably report depressive symptoms.  

Again, the connection works both ways. By controlling body language consciously, you can send signals to your brain that you feel better. It really is true that smiling will make you happier and feel better. Pay attention to your body, posture, tone, and your choice of words. Lift yourself up literally and this will affect your thoughts and emotions.  

Other Suggestions to Help Turn a Bad Mood Around:

Mediation. Allowing your body to sit still for 15-20 minutes while the mind swings from one thought to another will do wonders to alter your mood. 

Chanting OM calms the mind and quite often can drown out the disparaging chatter. 

Believe as though it is already done.

Ask for help. Call on your angels, spirit guides, and spiritual allies every single day. Give your spirit guides permission to help and direct you via inner voices, or messages that seem to fall from the sky out of nowhere. If you start giving them permission, they will start sending you little signs from the Universe that they are there for you. You will be guided to certain people in conversations who will have the answers you either seek or need to hear. 

Smudge yourself.
Try either Palo Santo or you can use California white sage. Smudging is an effective tool for clearing negative energy.

Align and clean your chakras.
When fear or any high negative emotion hits you, it throws your chakras out of alignment. To balance your chakras. clear and spin them clockwise every morning or evening. 

Go about your day in joy as much as you can.
Fake it until it becomes so. Faith is key when facing huge challenges. As they say, think happy thoughts after all happiness is a choice. 

Love, love, love yourself.
Quite often when faced with these battles we will not view ourselves with compassion but instead, we tend to beat ourselves up. 

4 Additional Steps to Take To Be Happy

Maybe your unhappiness stems from the feeling that your life isn't as fulfilling as it should be. But if you take these four steps to build your self-esteem, your happiness quotient is sure to build along with it.

1. Don't go to bed angry. Whether you're anxious about work or your relationship, relax, release the anxiety and get a good night's sleep every evening.

2. Treat yourself once in a while to something you enjoy, whether it's as small as a hot fudge sundae or an expensive new gadget you've had your eye on for a while. In the end, doing something for yourself makes you feel that you're worthy of such attention, and that can't help but make you happier.

3. Do something spontaneous. Even if just for a little while, spontaneity can do wonders to shake up your expectations, add a little adventure to your daily routine, and give you instant enjoyment.   

4. Now and then, say "no" to other people's demands on your time. You might feel guilty at first but doing so can replenish your soul.

If after trying as much of the above as possible and you do not get the outcome you desire it is very important that you bow down to the will of the Universe and thank it. In other words, I am not saying give up. I am saying this moment of “failure” is but a moment. This too shall pass.  Understand that the Universe has a plan that you can either fight or you can surrender to and thank in advance because no matter what happens the cycle will shift to favor you when the time is right. 

No matter what, if you choose to hang on to fear over faith you cannot win. So, choose faith, choose love, choose gratitude and use this time to up your spiritual path to include the aforementioned practices and you will see your life transform exponentially!

Psychic Guidance is Always Available

If you still don't feel happier because you can't get yourself out of the dumps, speak to a psychic advisor to gain some ideas about lifting your mood. A Tarot reading, for instance, can illustrate both opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead for you, and psychic mediums can draw upon their intuitive powers to help you understand the context of what they learn.


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