How to Calculate Your Love Number

Published Date 11/30/2014
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Use your love number to find a happy relationship

In the world of numerology readings, numbers are often used to describe personalities. This is because no matter what language you speak, numbers are always consistent, and never change. Keep reading if you're looking for a guide on calculating your love number and what it means.

Calculating Your Love Number

To find your love number, simply add up all the numbers in your birthday and break it down until you get a single digit. For example, let's say your birthday is January 1, 1975. A calculation of your love number would look like this:



Therefore, your love number would be 6. With this number in mind, you can now learn more about yourself and what type of partner would be best suited for you.

The Fearless Number 1

Those who have number one are leaders. They're rarely shy and often have no fear of starting new relationships. They can sometimes be self-centered, but they're also a lot of fun in relationships.

The Tender Number 2

Twos are gentle and peaceful. They enjoy being in love and will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship running smoothly. They have very good listening skills and are usually drawn to those who are similar.

The Exciting Number 3

Threes enjoy having a good time. They're known for being outgoing and friendly. Relationships with them never get boring because they're always doing something exciting to spice it up.

The Trustworthy Number 4

Anyone with the number four likes to focus on stability and safety. In relationships, they tend to play it safe. This actually makes them very loyal. They enjoy the secure feeling of a strong and healthy relationship.

The Fun-Loving Number 5

Fives are filled with adventure. You'll be hard-pressed to find a number five that enjoys candlelight dinners. Instead, expect to see them taking their dates to go bungee jumping. They get bored easily so variety in their relationship is important.

The Romantic Number 6

Sixes enjoy everything that has to do with romance. To make them happy give them chocolate covered strawberries, red wine, and love songs. They're very attached to their partners and have no issue with public displays of affection.

The Contemplative Number 7

Those with the number seven are quiet. They enjoy scholarly pursuits and want to be challenged mentally. Sevens are known for being intuitive, so a live psychic reading can often help them learn more about themselves.

The Practical Number 8

Eights are strong and successful and often treat relationships like business deals. Since they're so strong, they tend to do better with partners who don't need a lot of romance.

The Honest Number 9

Nines are principled and involved in their relationship. They're helpful and will often take on the problems of their partner. They thrive in relationships with partners who share their ideals.

Once you know your love number, numerology can help you understand what to look for in a partner so you can enjoy a healthy and strong relationship.


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