Heal Your Relationship Now by Psychic Cory

Date 2/27/2014

Losing a lover can be the worst pain.

Losing a lover can be the worst pain.

“I thought you would never get here," I said. 
“I know. And that’s what took me so long…” -Marianne Williamson 
Remember how effortless it felt to be in love?  You were in that space of ecstasy together, a blissful dance, and no one else in the world existed. The connection felt so magical and strong that you were certain of its ability to sustain any challenge. This experience couldn’t hold a candle to anything you’d ever previously encountered—like a Hollywood movie, except that you believed it was real. 
And it was real for you. It was your experience, your divine adventure of love that was created for your soul’s growth. It happened, and even if you yourself thought you were crazy, you knew you weren’t. You even pinched yourself to make sure that you were indeed awake.  
Then something happened.  Maybe a flicker of insecurity or a huge blowout of the same.  Either way, everything changed in an instant, and the terror of loss struck hard because human beings are susceptible to the worst cases of fear.  This fear has always been part of the journey, part of the soul’s desire for growth, but one that you'd hoped wouldn’t ever catch up to the best love you’ve ever known.  How could your incredible love story end up in such a shambles? 

And what are you to do? 
You felt lost, confused, and without any clarity of how to proceed, stuck in the mire of your overwhelming grief of loss. Then finally in a space of surrender with nothing else to lose, you prayed for divine guidance to lead you out of the darkness into the light of the next steps to take.  
Here’s a head turner: How about in your surrender, you do nothing—that is, nothing physical. What if instead you tried something completely new and different that didn’t hold any water for you yet?  Most of us believe that the only way to resolve a relationship challenge is by being in physical contact; actually connecting in person, on the phone, or via text message, etc. in order to actualize a resolution.  I’ve come to know that being in a state of stillness is as powerful and can often serve to even be more productive and effective in the long run.  This is not to say that physical communication won’t occur at some point. But you can absolutely begin the process by yourself, inside yourself. 
I guide people to achieve and maintain the state of loving stillness to resolve relationship conundrums. I regularly share techniques like this one for enhancing relationships.  This process aligns you with unconditional love, allowing for your highest and best intentions to evolve.  After all, isn't it easier to bypass more pain and drama to get to the heart of the matter now?  
So, if you’re looking to heal your relationship and get detailed answers for your love concerns, I’m here to serve you. I’m always honored to answer all of your important questions, while helping you navigate your love life. May you know the peace beyond understanding!  
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