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Have You Met Your Soulmate? by Psychic Jayda

Date 12/15/2022
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How Do I Know if I've Met My Soulmate?

How Do I Know if I've Met My Soulmate?

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Soulmates are souls that were created at the same time. They share a bond that is even deeper than that of mother and child. Soulmates can come in many forms. They can be close friends, family members, and of course lovers. Soulmate love is one of the most challenging relationships to have on the earthly plane. It is because the bond is so deep, strong, and consumed with emotion. 

Not everyone gets to meet a soulmate. You must be a very spiritually mature soul to experience this type of soul connection. I have been shown how unique soulmate energy feels. It’s very distinctive. When soulmates are in a relationship that is harmonious it creates an energy that helps raise mankind's consciousness level. If you look around the world you will see how badly we need that right now. 

Does a Soulmate Mean Happily Ever After?

A lot of people are under the misconception that once you meet your soulmate you will live happily ever after. Although I wish that were the case, but sadly it is not. The reason for this is that soulmate love evokes such strong feelings. Those emotions may cause a soulmate to go hot and cold on you. Their feelings overwhelm them, so they retreat until they can get their feelings under control and then they return. This often confuses and hurts the other soulmate because they do not understand what is happening. They mistake this behavior for a lack of love or interest. 

My clients have often come to me saying "I've been trying to manifest my soulmate and just met someone new. How will I know?" Let me give you a few pointers on how you will know your soulmate when you meet them. 

7 Ways to Know if You've Met Your Soulmate

1. Before you meet a soulmate you be given signs such as feelings of deja vu or seeing numbers like 111 or 222, any numbers that come in 3's. 

2. You feel an instant connection, either like you have met them before, or you have always known them.

3. Your heart races and you feel goosebumps!

4. You dream about them intensely either before or after meeting them. 

5. You know what they are going to say before they say it.

6. When you are not with them you feel like half of you is missing.

7. All your emotions are highly charged and intense! (that is because soulmates vibrate on the same energetic level and they are picking up their soulmate's feelings as well as their own.)

The Soulmate Connection

You may experience some or all of these in meeting a soul connection. Once you meet your soulmate, the real challenge begins. Your emotions will be highly charged, and it may leave you feeling extremely vulnerable. Not to worry, as time passes; you will adjust to those feelings. The intensity will still be there, but you will cope with it better as you get closer to your soulmate. If your soulmate goes hot or cold on you, it’s important to remember they are trying to adjust to their strong feelings as well. The best way to handle it is to give them some room and not pressure them. They will be drawn back to you without you doing a thing because the soulmate connection will pull them back. 

After a 20+ year career as a psychic, I have had the pleasure of helping countless soulmates meet and stay together. So, if you are wondering if you will meet your soulmate or need help in dealing with a soulmate, I would be honored to assist you.

Much love and many blessings,


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