Freeing Your Mind from a Narcissist by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 4/30/2018
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Is a Narcissist unfairly controlling your life?

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The dictionary defines a Narcissist as “A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. They think the world revolves around them.” Unless you've felt trapped by a narcissist it's doubtful you can understand why someone allows themselves to be painfully treated. Even the smartest persons can be controlled by a narcissist. 

The worst part is being 'trapped' in your mind thinking, "Why am I in love with someone who continuously hurts me?" and then feeling stupid or weak, which neither are true of course. It's damaging to your own self-love and we all know to find true love, we need to truly be able to love ourselves first. 

One of the first steps required to free your mind of a narcissist is acknowledging whether you are being controlled by a true narcissist.

Signs of a Narcissist
I'm thinking it's pretty easy to recognize someone mean, but a narcissist is someone who acts kind and puts on a good show most of the time, so it's not always easy to recognize.  Think of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. (or Mrs.) Hyde.  You know, someone who can change faces or become enraged over something simple, at the drop of a literal pin.  For example... You are working on some sewing at home one weekend, and by accident a pin drops to the floor. Gorgeous Dr. Jekyll turns into a horrid monster saying things like:

"You're so stupid for letting that pin drop, no one will ever truly love you (adding foul name-calling to the mix) because you're so stupid. Don't you know, (bad word again) you might not have seen that pin and I could have stepped on it (always thinking of self of course)? No one could ever love you, oh GOD except me and I'm not even sure why I do. You're sick and I can't stand you at times." 

Maybe that was a bit exaggerated, but then again maybe not…

In this example, don't you agree this goes a little beyond just being mean or in a bad mood? This is the type of person who wants to control you, to make you feel stupid thinking you can only be loved by them and them alone. Again, untrue. Albeit overboard it's also very hard to free yourself from a narcissist and it's because of another quality they have – being very loving and smooth or financially supportive. They can make you feel like a queen at times, the most special person in the world, especially right after an outburst, a classic sign of a master narcissist.

How to Gain Control to Live a Balanced Life Again
It's not easy but it has to be done. Your spirit is precious and letting someone harm it is like letting someone harm a pet or a child, you should be as protective of yourself as you are anything else. 

If the signs are there, the awful mixed with the wonderful, it's very damaging to your own spirit and ability to love yourself. It's crucial you flee no matter how much he or she begs you to stay, even if you must go to a church or other institution for sanctuary or help, the blessing is in leaving and being able to find a true soul mate… one who won't damage your soul.

He or She Won't Leave My Thoughts
Okay? I know it's hard when someone is constantly on your mind, yet we can't force someone to love us or to change or be the person we need or hope better for them to be, right? By holding on to the thoughts you literally hold on to the pain and create an impossible scenario in your mind. 

Free yourself from the thoughts of all the good by remembering how twisted it feels when the hot vs. the cold appears again and again. Run quickly and you're sure to find your soul mate sooner than you can know. Your blessing will come by loving yourself and doing the right thing. Your self-love will grow by knowing how smart you've been to leave such a horrid situation.

If you're having trouble freeing yourself from a true narcissist, need assistance in figuring out a new living situation or other details or even understanding how to find more self-love for self so you can lead a happy life, connect with your personal favorite psychic today who will be overjoyed to assist you.
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