Finding Your Soulmate - How to Attract Love in Your Life

Published Date 1/30/2019
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How to Attract Love and Find Your Soulmate

When thoughts turn to dating, desire and attracting love, do you find yourself trying to figure out the when's, where's, and how's of finding your soulmate? Many people who seek soulmate love go right to the place of action plans and checklists, as if finding love were a project they could tackle with their heads rather than their hearts. Dating website? Check. New photo? Check. New bar/meetup/class? Check. So many people put their focus "out there" on the externals, forgetting the simple fact that the key to finding love, at any age, is starting first with self-love. In this video, our psychic Advisors share their secret to finding a soulmate and maintaining lasting love.

Self-love is the key to attracting true love into your life

"Love starts with yourself," explains Colin, a Psychic Source Advisor. Doing the work inside first is the best way to find your soulmate. You will naturally attract to you what's happening internally, so your thoughts, feelings and most of all belief in your own worthiness is key to finding your soul mate and attracting love to you. Your energy will transmit outwardly and begin to draw to you the soulmate relationship love you seek.

Try a Soulmate Psychic Reading

Because a soulmate comes in many forms, not just romantic, many people struggle to discern whether their relationship is a soulmate relationship. Our Advisors are able to recognize soulmate energy and can help you understand the common soulmate signs and put context around your current relationship to help you get closer to the bottom of who your soulmate is. If you are struggling with a sense that something is missing from your current relationship, a psychic can help you discern if it is truly about lacking a soulmate connection, or see if what is missing is actually your connection to your own heart and soul. In other words, the love you are looking for another to provide might be exactly the love you are withholding from yourself.


Video Transcript

Colin: Love starts with yourself. You have to love yourself. You have to spiritually heal. You have to let go of any past relationships that have scarred you or damaged you. If you want to move forward in that healthy relationship and have the universe present someone new to you, you have to heal internally.

Bridgette: Anything negative in your life is going to prevent you from attracting what it is you want in your life.

Dan: You have to look inwardly to figure out what's happening here before you can do anything outside of yourself. But people sometimes like to skip over the inward part and just focus on the outward part, and that's where people can really go wrong.

Bridgette: The way you would attract love into your life is to first be worthy of love. This takes a bit of work.

Karenna: As with attracting anything, nothing gets done in the external world. It's all done from the inside. If you are not attracting the love you want, what I support you in doing is looking at what thoughts you have that are in the way and getting those thoughts out of the way. That opens the channel for you to attract not only love but the love you want.

Carmaleena: You know, there's nothing wrong with asking for what it is that you want. The clearer that you are, that means that energy is opening up. That tunnel of energy connection is opening up so that the law of attraction and those two energy connections are then starting to connect and bring you two together.

Dan: You naturally attract to you what your soul needs in this life. When that time comes for that person, that's when they will come, but you have to release control over that.

Colin: When we do that, we project an energy and people are drawn into that energy.

Dan: It's happening in your actions. It's happening in your communication. The people you meet randomly, it's all ready happening. You're all ready attracting to you what's happening internally.

Bridgette: Just believe it, because the first step you take, the second step has magic.


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