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Date 1/27/2022
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What is the real message behind your sexual dreams?

What is the real message behind your sexual dreams?

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I’ve yet to meet an adult who has never had a dream with a sexual angle to it. I’ve also yet to meet an adult who is comfortable and objective when discussing these dreams. Sex and sexual energy is such a loaded subject for us in waking life, that even our dreams are subjected to the plethora of judgements, beliefs, giggles and embarrassments that our everyday sexual experiences bring with them. Yet, sexual energy is more than just about sex, sexuality is more than just about who or what we desire. And our dreams are the stage this understanding sometimes plays out on.

Personal Identity and Expression
Your dreams are an open and potent space for you to express yourself, often in ways that you may not be able to in everyday life. Your sexual energy is a prime medium of exploring and expressing your own self, identity and desires - whether in waking life or asleep. Dreams allow you to do this without being limited by the judgments, responsibilities and dynamics that structure your waking life, and therefore you may dream of yourself in a way that may not make sense in your every day, or of an event or experience that your every day may not permit. Such dreams may hold purely experiential value.

Dreaming of a homosexual experience for instance, when you are a hundred percent heterosexual in real life, may not necessarily indicate you have latent homosexual tendencies, but may point out your latent curiosity or fears about the same. In fact, the dream could be a metaphor or a message - it may come as a reminder to you to explore your own self and potential beyond the boundaries you may have established in your life.

Creative Energy
More than anything else, sexual energy is creative energy. While we ordinarily associate it with sexual acts and desires, your sexual energy is a whirlpool of individual creativity - be it in a professional or vocational capacity at work, in your personal life or outside it. Healthy sexual energy quite literally oils your creative channels, giving you the ability to find solutions, create new opportunities, and manifest abundantly in your life. 

How you perceive and understand this energy and what you associate with it translates into how (and how well) you create and manifest in your lives. Do you see sexual energy as something sacred and fluid or are loaded with subconscious guilt about it?  Do you accept it as a natural extension of your being or see it as something that must be controlled and repressed? Your dreams will often reveal the imbalances in this understanding and relationship with your own sexual energy.

Repressed Energy
It isn't hard to recognize that sexual energy is often a widely repressed aspect of our being. This could be a repression in your understanding of it, your experience of it, or even your expression of it. Sometimes this energy is repressed in a relationship or dynamic, where for some reason or the other you hold back on the sexual component of the relationship. This holding back could be in the best interests of all parties involved and a conscious choice on your part, or it could be the result of your social norms, upbringing, personal experiences and perspectives. Whether an output of personal clarity or confusion, your dreams then become a platform for you to break out of this repression. For as long as there is resistance your energy persists, and very oft this occurs in dreams.

Not all sexual dreams arise out of negative points or holding back; many a times a sexual dream is simply our energy exploring a more intimate connection with another energy. With our minds largely tuned to view sex and sexual exchange as the height of intimacy, as the ultimate expression of love, our dreams sometimes portray our desire or experience of a deeper connection through sexual content. Instead of panicking about it, or judging your mind and its nocturnal imaginations, pause to reflect on the love, the connection your feel with the subject of your dream - for this is what your dream is highlighting to you.

Soul Connections
There is another angle to consider when interpreting a sexual dream. Sometimes, and this may not be as common, your dream may be hinting at there being a much closer relationship, a greater soul familiarity between you and another person than you may consciously realize. This could be a past life connection or even a soul contract. If you are left wondering why you dreamt of sexual exchange with someone you barely know, or someone you clearly have no sexual interest whatsoever, you may want to consider your mutual soul history. It isn't necessarily an invitation to explore this dynamic in this life as well, but more an invitation to pay closer attention to your experience and dynamic with this person.

Temper Your Response to Interpret Your Dream
Sexual dreams are for the most part anything but straightforward and literal. Sometimes a sexual dream may have very little to do with sex or sexuality at all! Instead, there could be a rich treasure of insight into your own self, your life and potential, and even your dynamics with others locked away in it.

The biggest hurdle to unlocking this treasure is to not judge yourself or these dreams for being sexual or as graphic in nature. Sexual experience and content is quite an overwhelming subject for us - it is hard to be objective when we engage with it, even if in a dream. But very often the thoughts and emotions that kick in by default cloud the true meaning or purpose of such a dream. It is therefore vital that you temper your responses (emotional and mental) to such a dream when attempting to interpret it. It is important that you do not let your fears or judgments get in the way of exploring the real message at hand.

Unlike your everyday life, your dreams are not limited by social norms, expectations, conduct or dynamics. Your sub/unconscious is more interested in holding up a mirror to you through your dreams, and sexual dreams are just a rather impactful way of doing this.

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