Coping with a Coworker Who's Trying to Sabotage You

Published Date 3/25/2014
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Don't lose your cool

You could work in a sales office, a high school, or a financial institution; the job itself doesn't matter, because competitive coworkers who try to sabotage their colleagues are universal. You don't have to dread going to work, start looking for another job, or lie down in surrender; you can fight back without stooping to your colleague's tactics.

Take Lots of Notes

Once you're sure that there's a sabotage or harassment occurring, you need to document everything that happens. Naturally, keep a running tally of anything your coworker does, including but not limited to:

  • Erasing or misplacing files
  • Taking important documents
  • Spreading rumors
  • And questioning your competence

If there are witnesses, note their names too. If anyone reveals a rumor, write it down verbatim, if possible, and where you heard it. Jot down all dates and times as well.

It's also a good idea to take notes on your own tasks. If your colleague starts saying that you haven't completed your tasks or did something wrong, you need proof that he or she is lying. Note when you turn something in, back up all your files, and be as detailed as you can.

Excel at Your Position

The best way to cope with a coworker who is trying to sabotage you or strip you of confidence is to do well at your job. You're a superstar, so act like it. If you excel at every task you're given, it won't matter what your colleague says. He or she could take a load of lies straight to your boss, but your performance and successes will speak for themselves.

Plan a Cordial Confrontation

It's essential to let your coworker know that you know the score. You should not by any means engage in warfare in the middle of the office; you need to keep your cool. Approach your colleague calmly and cordially, let him or her know that you're aware of what he or she has said, that it needs to stop, and that you want to keep up a good working relationship. That puts the burden on your colleague's shoulders. It flips the switch and puts the bad behavior in the spotlight.

You might fear even a gentle form of confrontation, which is perfectly understandable. It's never fun, and particularly awkward at the office. You should think about talking to a psychic online or over the phone to ask about possible techniques. If you go for a numerology reading, you can even ask about the best day to plan your confrontation.

Make Management Aware of the Problem

If the behavior continues or escalates, it's time to go talk to your boss. You should make an appointment with Human Resources as well. Take along those detailed notes. Because talking to your boss can also be nerve-wracking, especially over such a serious matter, work with your phone psychic to come up with an approach that will keep you secure but firm and resolute.

You don't have to put up with sabotage or abusive behavior at work. Have you ever needed to confront a coworker?



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