Celebrities Who Use Psychics: Cameron Diaz

Published Date 6/29/2016
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

If you're like Cameron Diaz, you might need psychic guidance for your love life.

Even celebrities sometimes need guidance to help them make important life decisions and to sort out conflicts and struggles. In fact, the rich and famous might need psychic guidance even more than people who don't live in the public eye, thanks to the constant scrutiny they endure.

Cameron Diaz, for instance, has been known to solicit guidance from live psychics.

Public Life Isn't Always Real Life

On the Surface, Cameron Diaz seems to have it all together. She has a booming career on the big screen with a backlist of hit films such as "What To Expect When You're Expecting," the "Shrek" series, and the "Charlie's Angels" franchise. She's also beautiful, and she always seems cheerful and friendly in interviews.

However, that doesn't mean she doesn't encounter obstacles, conundrums, and bad days. Famous people present airbrushed public lives that rarely reveal the day-to-day struggles they face. While some celebrities like Cameron Diaz speak candidly about their mistakes and missteps, they understandably keep much of their private lives to themselves.

Everyone Needs Guidance on Their Love Lives

Diaz was famously photographed outside Mrs. Grace's West Hollywood psychic storefront back in 2011. According to reports, she visited Psychic Tea Leaf Readings for guidance on her love life, which then involved British male model Paul Sculfor.

Sculfor and Diaz have since parted ways. However, it's possible that Cameron continues to see psychics to help her figure out which movie roles to accept, which men to consider for possible romance, and which paths to take in her personal life. 

Psychics Aren't Just for Difficulties

Many wonder why Cameron Diaz would need to pursue authentic psychic readings in the first place. After all, she seems to live the American dream, vacationing in beautiful tropical destinations, attending red-carpet events, and hanging out with her famous pals.

However, psychic guidance isn't just intended for crisis management and disaster aversion. Many people consult psychics when they're perfectly happy. For instance, maybe you received two amazing job opportunities, and you're not sure which one to accept. Either one could lead to fulfillment and financial independence, but a psychic can help you tap into your truest self so you know which will give you the most satisfaction.

When to Follow Diaz's Footsteps

If you're thinking about using a phone or live psychic, you can take a page from Cameron Diaz's book. Psychics can help not only with questions and issues with your love life, but also with your career, interpersonal relationships, financial decisions, and life's passions.

Think of a psychic as part sounding board and part spiritual guide. From tarot readings to astrology and numerology, there are several branches and competencies that you can explore with your psychic. The more you know about the future and what to expect, the easier it becomes to make decisions.

You might be surprised how many famous people use psychics to inform their decisions. After all, if you had millions of dollars riding on a movie deal, you might not want to sign on the dotted line without a little help, either!


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