Beware of Love Bombing

Published Date 7/7/2017
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Learning to spot the tactics of love bombing can save you from going down a painful road in a relationship.

A new relationship full of passion and excitement can be enthralling, and it’s easy to get swept away in the spell when things are moving fast. Sometimes, though, manipulative people use love bombing as a way to lure someone into a less-than-ideal relationship.

What Is Love Bombing?

Sure, it feels great when you’re showered with love, especially at the start of an exciting and promising new relationship. We all like getting attention from someone we’re interested in, and it’s only human to want to feel wanted. However, some people take normal passion in a relationship a step too far. That’s where love bombing comes into play.

Love bombing is a method of seduction popular among narcissists and even sociopaths. It happens when a manipulative person attempts to control a relationship from the very start. That person wants you to think he or she is brimming with love. In reality, he or she is employing a manipulative tool.

Signs of Love Bombing and Why it Works

If you’re receiving excessive texts, phone calls, and emails, and the person you’re in a relationship with expresses (and pushes) a constant desire to be in close contact with you, you might be experiencing love bombing. Someone who uses this tactic seems to want to be connected nearly every moment of the day.

This bombardment of acts that seem like love can be incredibly overwhelming, and that’s deliberate. If the target of love bombing doesn’t realize he or she is actually experiencing manipulative actions, it's very easy to get swept off your feet.

Love bombing can cause infatuation, and it doesn’t even have to happen at the start of a relationship. The tactic doesn’t allow you to think straight or about whether the bomber is acting genuinely because everything moves so fast. A chat with a psychic online can give you the space to assess if your attraction stems from genuine passion or if you’re the target of something more manipulative.

Set Limits

People who rely on love bombing to lure their targets often set their sights on vulnerable people. Fortunately, you can use some tactics to combat love bombing.

If you suspect someone is love bombing you, set and then stick to some limits. Don’t text or talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes at a time. Only go on one date a week. Love bombers thrive on building a false sense of closeness and things moving fast. If a love bomber can’t keep you under constant control, his or her tactics won’t work.

Date in Groups

Manipulative people also flourish in privacy. If you keep your early dating to going out in groups with friends, other people will have the chance to assess the situation and get to know the person you’re interested in. They’ll have a much easier time sensing if something’s wrong since they’re more removed from the situation. A telephone psychic can also help alert you to warning signs.

Learning the signals of manipulation can help you spot a love bomber before you fall deep into a bad relationship.


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