Balancing Parental Responsibilities With Adult Children

Published Date 4/27/2017
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Learning to accept what you can and can't do for your adult child will create a happier environment for everyone.

Your children have grown up, and while you're still their mother, you need to allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes. It's important to reconcile your feelings as a mother with setbacks your child experiences.

Substance Abuse

Parenting an adult child means letting go and letting them make their mistakes on their own terms. This can be especially trying if your child is dealing with drug addiction or alcohol abuse. Problems are often compounded if they end up going to prison for actions committed because of their health issues. You must learn to accept that there aren't any guarantees that a child will act in accordance with how they were raised or how their parents expected.

Alcohol and drug abuse can make problems with jobs and relationships even worse, and letting go is very hard when the problems your child faces feel resistant to change. A psychic phone reading can offer strategies that allow you to accept that you've done all you can for your child. You can also learn strategies to become more supportive when they need your help. This will make it easier for you to balance your feelings of responsibility with actions you can actually take.


When our kids run into relationship trouble, it can be hard not to get involved. After all, you want what's best for them, and the solution to drama with their significant other can seem obvious to you. Maybe you realize you can't prevent a divorce, but you're stuck in accusations with your child's in-laws because of the grandchildren involved. Even if your child is happily married, differences in religion and race can create misunderstandings for even the most open-minded people.

While there's nothing wrong with offering gentle, loving advice, you have to let your adult child make their own decisions when it comes to their love life. They may know more about a situation than you do, and you can't expect to change who they love. Be a supporting force rather than pushing your own wants on your child.

Career and Jobs

You have the right to be free of guilt when it comes to your child's decisions. This is true of their career too, and how they do at work is ultimately in their hands. Even if you know they aren't demonstrating the commitment that employers value, you can't change their actions.

It's easy to fall into a pattern of blaming yourself for not teaching your child responsibility. It's only natural to feel accountable to what happens to them as well. Things get even trickier when, despite your best intentions, your child manipulates you to place the responsibility for bad behavior on yourself. A psychic network can help you see how your child's decisions come from them, not from how they were raised.

If your child can't forgive you or you can't forgive yourself, you should seek help getting past this. Letting yourself feel haunted by guilt does no one any good.


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