Attracting Love Podcast Step 4: Raise Your Vibration by Psychic Kay

Date 4/25/2023
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You are now ready to visualize and focus on being present in your body and live happily now. This important 4th step will teach you breathing exercises to raise your vibration and attract true love into your life.

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By Psychic Kay x7102

Everything in the Universe is energy and all energy vibrates at its own frequency. From the Earth's crystalline grid to the stars and galaxies in our heavens – everything is in the melodious chorus of this beautiful song which is life. Our bodies, minds, etheric spirit, and emotions play our own tune, our own instrument, so to speak, in the orchestra of being. When our energy vibrates at the same frequency as another's, we are said to be in resonance. Our hearts, minds, spirit, and all parts of our energy are playing the same melody. 

Anger, shame, loneliness, sadness, and betrayal are all low vibrating frequencies. When we are in a low vibration, we attract that which is at a low vibration. Think of someone who is angry. It's not long before that person attracts an argument.

No two frequencies can vibrate at the same energy level at the same time, so if you are looking to attract love and joy which are very high vibrating frequencies, you must raise your vibration to match the resonance of that love and joy you seek. In other words, you must be what you want to attract. 

Like attracts like. Love attracts love. 

In this Podcast: 

I will teach you several manifestation techniques, including a breathing protocol from Medical Physician and Energy Healer, Dr. Ellie Drake. Within 5-10 breaths it will trigger endorphins and oxytocin to almost immediately raise your vibration. Dr. Drake calls the result a “SOUL-Gasm.” Love and joy are the highest vibrations that are needed for good emotional and physical health. 

The Line of Sight Visualization Technique

Next, I will instruct you to correct your “Line Of Sight”, a critical component of how you view your visualization. If done correctly it will locate and create synchronous events to manifest your desire. If performed incorrectly, it will tell your unconscious (your protective security guard) to do nothing! This factor alone is why 90% of visualizations don't work. 

The SOUL-Gasm Breathing Technique

After your "Line Of Sight" is corrected, I will relax you using Dr. Drake's SOUL-Gasm breathing technique. A beautiful visualization, this will bring you resonance with the magnificent person who is your vibrational match. The Yin to your Yang or Yang to your Yin. Your Beloved. 

You will also become acquainted with your own heart energy field, a magnificent swirl of color and beauty that will call in your soul's partner. 

I will walk you through asking your Guardian Angels to act as liaisons with the Angels of your Beloved. They will search the Earth to help bring him or her to you. Remember, your Beloved for whom you seek is looking for you as well. Your Guardian Angels will help make that connection a reality. 

The Heart’s Connection to Mother Earth

Finally, Mother Earth will use her electromagnetic field, which is exactly the same frequency as our heart (Dr. Rollin McCrady's measured discovery) to carry our vibrational intention to be magnified in the Ionosphere (the part of the atmosphere that is able to reflect radio waves) and sent to your love. And yes, you read correctly, the earth's frequency is exactly the same as the frequency of our heart! Although our heart and earth energies are the same, everyone has a slight uniqueness, just as we can have a commonality of having fingers, but our fingerprints are unique to each person. 

As your beloved is drawn closer to you, you will be returned to your life feeling refreshed, confident, and at peace that you are so much closer to that glorious goal of togetherness with your true love. 


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Marle777: That was absolutely amazing, and outside of Facilitation Healing, one of the most intense meditations I have ever done. I thank you from the very depths of my heart for sharing this with us all. Namaste

1SunFlower: Totally awesome visualization, I loved it!

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