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Attracting Love Podcast Step 3: Send Your Message to the Universe by Psychic Seanna

Date 4/25/2023
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Once you are aware of what you really want you will learn how to send that message out to the universe. Step three takes you through actions to attract the right partner who's perfect for you.

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By Psychic Seanna x8165

I truly believe there is a loving, spiritual connection that can happen between two people. It’s finding this connection that can be complicated. It will show up when you least expect it and be gone in an instant if it is not nurtured with love. A teacher once told me “As you think it, so it shall be.” She was right. When you are finally ready for a relationship and want to open up to someone, it helps to tell The Universe you are ready for love. Ask to have the right person put in your path. It will happen. It could be two weeks, two months, or two years, but it will happen. Trust that you will know and feel it when it does. 

In the first two steps you’ve worked hard to raise your vibration by clearing old beliefs and negative thoughts you’ve been holding about yourself. Now it’s time to really supercharge the Law of Attraction to draw your right and perfect partner into your world. Everything you’ve done so far has allowed the Universe to better understand and clearly hear your desires. The Law of Attraction without action just doesn’t work.  In this Podcast, I’m going to provide you with a few simple steps you can take to integrate your dreams into your life. Know that any of these actions will shift and raise your vibration to match the right and perfect partner.  

Send Your Message to the Universe with a Picture

One of the simplest steps you can take to broadcast your message to the Universe is to create a beautiful vision board. Include everything you want to have in your ideal relationship: sights, sounds, scents, etc. Fill it with your most beautiful dreams of love and romance. The best time to do your intention setting is always on a New Moon. Praying and meditating from a place of gratitude for all you have and all you do not have is a wonderful action step. Find reasons to be thankful that you are not currently in a relationship. A heart full of gratitude cannot hold resentment, pain, or any negative emotions that block us from our true love. 

State Your Intention to Find Love Outloud

Another step you can take is to state your intentions out loud. Speak the words “I am loveable,” or “I am open to receiving all the love I deserve!” Literally saying the words clearly and with conviction allows you to set your dreams in motion by getting your energy in alignment with your thoughts.  

Seal Your Desire to Attract Love with a Ritual

Another thing you can do is take the list of qualities and values you created and do a ceremonial burning. Allow the wisps of smoke to carry your wishes out into the Universe and know Spirit has heard you.  

Be Open to What the Universe Delivers

Finally, don’t forget to say Yes and Thank You! The path to our goals is never straight. It twists and turns in many directions. Be open to going out with friends, and talking to people you wouldn’t normally chat with like neighbors or new co-workers. But do it with genuine curiosity. Make sure you are not simply thinking “he or she is not my type,” “They are not in my league,” or “Is this person going to be a possible dating situation.” Avoid that negative limiting thinking. Stay open to the possibility that everyone has a fascinating story to share and you may be surprised! Your next great love may show up as the person you would never expect or they could be a friend of a new friend you discover in your daily life.   

The Universe puts certain people in our path for a reason.  We are all connected in some way, and everything has energy. Like a magnet, certain energies can connect, while other energies can repel each other. If you pay attention to the inner intuition you have deep down, you will know from the start whether there is an attraction. 

Release and Let Go

Having taken one or all of these steps, now it is time to let go. Practice having faith that your perfect partner is out there, and will come to you when the time is right. Have patience and trust. Let go of the "When" and "How." You likely realize now that what you have been doing to attract great love hasn’t been working. So try something different. Allow it to happen rather than make it happen. Whenever you begin to doubt finding your ideal mate is possible, simply state: “Universe, I ask that you support me in manifesting the right and perfect partner and let it be done for the highest and best of all concerned. Thank you for fulfilling my desire.” 

Now relax and enjoy your life. Enjoy the people, places, and things you see on a daily basis, and know that taking steps like these will bring the right person and a relationship that will be easy and flow naturally.  

I leave you with this quote from Abraham Hicks: “As we want it and allow it… it is.” 

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COgirl: What an incredibly beautiful blessing this podcast is ? I recently met a man after listening to this podcast that was a friend of a friend. Never even thought of meeting this person where I met him. God and the Universe completely surprised me, just as you talk about in the podcast. And I'm saying yes, and thank you. Many thanks to you Seanna and Psychic Source. ???? Absolutely incredible!

tonton422: hope i didn't get charged for that bc im not worried about my husband i got bigger problems to worry about

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