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Attracting Love Podcast Step 2: Crystallize Your Vision by Psychic Moira

Date 4/25/2023
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Step two of your "Attracting Love" journey focuses on seeking a soul mate. Through visualization techniques, you will become ready to attract and share the perfect relationship.

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By Psychic Moira x7776

Higher Metaphysics teaches that we can harness the universal power, that we can focus our intention and use it in our everyday lives. When we crystallize our vision, we focus our intention to become naturally more spiritual and loving.

Love is attracted by love.
You must become the thing you most desire. Being in a constant state of unloving brings more of the same.  A person who feels angry or unloving may not recognize the perfect love match when it happens.

In this podcast

You will learn how to crystallize your vision of love. I will guide you in a relaxing exercise to help you to clear your energy, focus on the kind of love you want to attract, and recognize what a soul mate means to you! Through guided imagery, you’ll find a new way to work with universal energy and manifest love into your life!   

Use Creative Visualization to Focus on the Kind of Relationship You Want

When you are seeking perfect love or your soul mate, it's important to be very clear about your needs. In this exercise, our goal is to relax and focus on your ideal, the kind of relationship you want to attract rather than focusing on anyone in particular or imagining a perfect person. 

Simply thinking of what you want in a partner and making a shopping list of traits (attractive, wealthy, witty, intelligent, etc.) might not be working for you. Try releasing old criteria. In fact, focusing on the list could be distracting you from your ultimate goal of lasting love.
Remember that one of the secrets of the Law of Attraction is to focus on the feeling. You must focus on how you feel in the presence of this new relationship in order to attract this energy into your life and find the person who matches your vibration.

“What you seek is seeking you.”   ― Rumi

Meditation to Manifest Love

Imagine the perfect relationship. Think about what you will bring to your potential partner. Imagine all of the wonderful memories you will create together. As you think about these things, smile. Allow yourself to feel the happiness flood your senses. Connect with that inner joy.

Manifestation is founded on spiritual principles. You belong to the infinite essence that is beyond time and space because there is only the eternal now as it exists on each level of experience. In the realms of higher consciousness, everything that has ever existed and everything that can ever exist on the physical, emotional, or mental levels exists now as a possibility.

Imagine a pleasant time you will share and talk about with a partner. Think about what some of your future shared hopes and dreams together might be. 

Visualize a relationship that feels safe, comforting, and empowering. See yourself feeling refreshed, healthy, and happy in a loving relationship. You are the author of your success. You are ready to attract and share the perfect relationship. You will recognize love when it appears for you because you are resonating with Love's divine vibration.

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maspa4: The reading I had was very informative and helpful.I really learned a lot about my current and future situation.Overall and excellent reading from Betty. Thank you

drronwoodsr: Moira, This was great. I was looking at a picture of Cindy and I when we were together and very happy. I visualized us together and even happier in the future. Thanks you for this meditation exercise. Ron (Ron and Cindy, Ocala Florida)

Duckie51: Oh dearest inspiring Moira. This podcast is transformative in all the most significant ways in terms of love recognition, retention, and illumination. You are a joyous arm of Heaven, and you plant in our hearts and souls the most wondrous seeds of genuine capacity to attract and keep love. Have a safe, happy, blessed summer break from the 10th to the 17th and will look forward to speaking with you when you return. May. God keep you always i. The palm of. His hand,

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