Arthur's Rhymes for the Times Podcast: Mary's Garden

Date 10/20/2020
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Arthur tells the tale of Mary (who’s really not quite contrary) desperately wanting her garden to grow. So desperately, in fact, that she takes to digging up the seeds every night to see if the roots have sprouted. She’s devastated to find that her garden won’t grow and can’t understand the problem. Is it possible to care about someone TOO much?

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By Psychic Arthur x8237

Mary's Garden - A Lesson on Being Present

Have you ever wondered what it takes to cultivate a budding relationship into a relationship that grows and thrives? Our podcast, Mary’s Garden, from Arthur’s Rhymes For The Times, may have your answer. (Hint: When it sometimes feels like you’re not doing anything, you’re actually doing a lot!)

Mary’s Garden
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
Wanted a garden to grow.
So she made her way down into the town,
To buy some seeds to sow.
“I want silver-bell and cockle-shell seeds,”
She told the lad in the store.
Who said what it would cost and inquiringly bossed,
“Now, what are all these seeds for?”
“They’re all for my garden,” sweet Mary then said.
“I’m planting my seeds in a row in a bed.
“And with tilled soil, from the help of my hoe,
“Mixed with sunshine and water from the stream down below,
“I just know, I just know, I just know, I just know…
“I just know my garden will grow!”
Four weeks had past, time seemed to go fast,
When a sad Mary returned to the store.
“I want silver-bell and cockle-shell seeds,” she told the lad once more,
Who said what it would cost and inquiringly seemed lost,
“What happened to the seeds from before?”
“Nothing would grow. Everything died,”
Holding back tears, Mary then sighed.
“I did everything right. I gave them water and light.
“When the sun set,  I’d go to my garden at night.
“I’d dig up each seed, inspect them for roots.
“Then replant them with care, but nothing grew there.
“I’m so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad…
“But wait,” replied the lad:
“Oh, Mistress Mary, on the contrary,
“Of course, you’re garden won’t grow.
“Digging up seeds while checking for roots,
“Kills everything - now you know.
“When planting seeds, you have to have faith,
“That the roots will sprout down below.  
“Then give it some time, everything will be fine,
“And then your garden will grow!”

Moral of the Story:

In many ways, we plant seeds everyday - especially when it comes to relationships. If you catch yourself saying, “I know I shouldn’t call them, but…” or “I’m going to do this to make them think of me…” Ah, well, THEN DON’T. Again, a relationship is like planting a seed. If you dig up a seed everyday to see if the roots are gonna grow, you’re gonna kill it. Do you need to call that person five times in ten minutes? Send eighteen texts in an hour?  No. Do you have to ask every time, “Do you still love me? Do you love me? What are you thinking? Do you love me?” Ah… that’s digging up seeds… and you’ll kill a budding relationship. So, sit back. Give it some time. Everything will be fine – and then your garden will grow. ‘Nuff said.

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