5 Signs Your Partner May be Having an Affair

Published Date 8/25/2019
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Small intimacies or more time spent with the opposite sex could be early warning signs of an affair.

Statistics on cheating are hard to dig up, as unfaithful partners may be hesitant to admit to the deed. Some numbers suggest that on average there's a 25% chance of infidelity in a relationship. It's no surprise that many partners are on the lookout for signs of an affair. While the following indicators may give you cause to look at your relationship more closely, keep in mind that none of these guarantee an affair is taking place. Use your own judgment and evaluate your partner both fairly and cautiously.

Changes in the Schedule

A partner who's engaged in a physical relationship with another person must find time to fit that relationship in. The individual might use long work hours, a business trip, or an outing with his friends as an excuse. If you're suspicious, you might suggest bringing him dinner at the office or stopping by the golf course to say hello. A cheater might react with alarm due to the fear of getting caught.

An Altered Appearance

Cheaters sometimes make changes in their appearance to match the different person that they feel they can be with their other lover. New lingerie, grooming habits, or fitness routines can be a sign of someone who's looking to impress the opposite sex. Chatting with an online psychic may help you better evaluate this behavior.

Differences in the Bedroom

New and unexpected moves in the bedroom are sometimes reported by those who've found they were being cheated on. A sudden disinterest in sex might occur as well, particularly if the individual is feeling guilty about their activities. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some unfaithful partners become more interested in amorous activities because they're aroused by the idea of having two sexual partners in their lives at the same time.

Suspicious Financial Moves

Have you noticed that there are larger cash withdrawals from your bank account lately? Perhaps your partner is dining at increasingly fancy restaurants during supposed workday lunches. Likewise, a sudden influx of cash or expensive items could indicate an affair if the other partner is giving out gifts. If you're confused about the state of your finances, broach the subject with your partner. A cheater may slip up and provide a story that doesn't make sense. You may want to try a psychic hotline to get more insight into whether the explanation rings true.

Strange Phone or Computer Behavior

Phone calls, text messages, and emails are almost always exchanged in affairs. Your partner won't want you to see these, so he or she may change their passwords or suddenly become secretive with their devices. If your significant other puts the phone away quickly when you walk into the room or starts keeping electronic devices more secure than usual, this is a warning sign you may want to look into.

If you're worried about an affair, find someone you can openly discuss your concerns with to help ease the burden, whether this is a friend, family member, psychic, or counselor.


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