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Published Date 11/18/2018
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Patience is just one of the keys to finding the love of your life!

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Few things are more frustrating than wanting desperately to meet that one special person, but all you keep meeting is the wrong person repeatedly. Most people think that they must be cursed, or they are doing something wrong. They start thinking, "Maybe I'm not going to the right places. Maybe I should try a dating app. Maybe I'm just destined to be alone for the rest of my life!" None of this is true.

Attracting the love of your life is as simple as changing the quality of the energy you are putting out. Like everything else in life, attracting a partner that's a true match for you must start from within. If you keep attracting the wrong type of romantic partners, you can be sure that you are putting out the exact energy that is drawing them like moths to a flame.

So, the obvious question is how can you change the energy you are putting out? How can you create an inner shift so that you stop attracting incompatible partners and start attracting that special someone who is ideal for you in every way?

It's actually very easy to do! Remember that your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are what make up your unique energy pattern. When you start shifting those old ingrained thought and habits, you will not only feel a big difference, but you will start seeing a big difference - even in the way other people in your life behave around you.

Here are four simple things you can start doing today to change your energy and attract the love of your life:

1) Release the Past
Do you still carry a lot of resentment and bitterness about an ex? Have you been betrayed or mistreated by romantic partners in the past? If so, it's crucial that you begin releasing all that old negative energy. Carrying it forward and keeping it active in your energy field is only going to keep attracting more people who will mistreat you. 

How do you release the past? Start by clearing the air. Write a long letter (on paper, not e-mail) to each of your former partners. Tell them exactly how you feel about the way they treated you, how they hurt you, and how it still affects you today. Pour out your heart onto the page, holding nothing back. When you are finished, tear up those papers and toss them right in the trash. Or burn them (I highly suggest this, just be safe.) Or even bury them outside somewhere to become one with the Earth. Affirm that you are letting go of all that old pain and struggle.

Then write a letter to yourself and make a vow to stop carrying around all that old stagnant energy. Set an intention that you are going to release it and let it go, for good. Most likely this will not be a one-time event. You may need to renew this commitment to yourself every day (even several times a day) for months. But keep affirming that you are letting it go, releasing that old energy from your mind, heart, and body. Say to yourself, "I release this old energy completely from every area of my life. I am now unburdened and free to move on to something better."

2) Make a List of Your Ideal Partner's Characteristics
Don't worry about the details like the type of work they do, how much money they earn, or what they look like. Instead, focus on how this person will be a perfect match for you. Include things that are very important to you in a partner, things that will make them ideally suited to you personally. Here are some good examples: "Compassionate, kind, understanding, sensitive, loves animals, works in a fulfilling job, playful, carefree, spontaneous, loves nature ..."

Make your list as long as you like. When you do meet the right person, you will be surprised by just how many of those characteristics they have! Maybe not every single one, but most likely they will have the vast majority of them.

3) DO NOT Fixate on a Specific Person
Oh boy, this one is tough, I know! When you have strong feelings for a specific person, you are absolutely convinced that they are the best person for you, and you can't imagine anyone being a better match. But I'm here to tell you that the universe can find someone way better (way, way better!) than you think. If you get too attached to being with one specific person, you essentially block off all other possibilities, even if some of those possibilities would be a thousand times better for you. You may not believe that, but do your best to release your attachment to a certain person that you think would be the best match for you.

Trust that the universe knows how to satisfy your true heart's desires even better than you can. That doesn't mean you will never be with that one specific person that you have feelings for right now, but simply be willing to accept that there could be someone even better for you out there. If you are truly meant to be with that specific person, and if that relationship would benefit your highest good and theirs, then it can happen. But don't get locked onto it and block other possibilities in the process.

4) Treat Yourself Like You Want to Be Treated
Self-care and kindness are vital when you are trying to attract love into your life. Most people do the opposite. They keep searching outside themselves for that one person that will make them feel special. The irony is that you can't attract someone who will make you feel special unless you already feel special! If you feel like a victim, if you feel unloved, if you feel lonely, you will simply keep attracting partners that amplify those feelings within you.

Instead, start treating yourself exactly the way you would expect your ideal partner to treat you. Buy yourself little gifts. Do nice things for yourself. Tell yourself that you are beautiful (or handsome). Take yourself out for a nice lunch or dinner. Enjoy a peaceful walk on the beach. Curl up with yourself and watch a great movie. Romance yourself! These small actions will begin to dramatically shift your energy so that you start attracting a partner that will amplify that positive energy.

One last thing: be patient! If you broadcast feelings of desperation and frustration because you still haven't met "the one," you are only going to delay their arrival. Instead, say things like this to yourself often: "Meeting the right person will only add to the happiness I already feel." "I am whole and happy as I am, and I welcome the right whole and happy person to share my life."

Remember, you don't need anyone to complete you. You need to complete yourself, and then that special guy or girl who is looking for the perfect, whole, happy partner will find you. 

Best wishes on your new love! 

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