When Your Pet Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge by Psychic Jae

Published Date 4/26/2019
Category: Loss & Grieving

Celebrate your pet's memory long after they are gone.

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I've spoken to many pet owners over the years who have heavy hearts and guilt over the passing of their beloved pet. They have questions about what their pet thinks about how they handled their last days. They ask because they feel guilty about some part of the passing. Perhaps they had to put the pet down. Perhaps they ignored a symptom and waited too long to take them to the vet. Perhaps they forgot to give medication. Some children harbor guilt because they left the door or gate open and the pet got away and never came back.

Whatever the circumstances are that have you carrying the burden of guilt, forgiveness is the cure. Don't let guilt rob you of your great memories you had with your pet. Don't let your judgments about how you previously took care of a pet stop you from opening your heart to a new pet. 

Unconditional Love
We, as the caretakers, tend to take on unnecessary guilt by thinking we've somehow let our pets down. Know that your pet doesn't want guilt for you. they don't judge us. They love us unconditionally -faults and all! They aren't suffering on the other side and know you did the best you could. Next time your pet comes to mind and guilt creeps in to rob you of the goodness of your time spent together, do something fun-loving that your pet would do to cheer you up.

Celebrate Life
The loss of a pet is devastating. For some, it is even more devastating than the loss of a human because they know how much their pet unconditionally loved them. The soul of a pet comes to Earth typically for four things: to be our companion, protector, comforter or lover. That's their purpose in life. What can help you mourn the loss of your pet is by acknowledging and celebrating your experience of your pet's life purpose. If they protected you, thank them. If they were your best buddy in times of need, celebrate them for it. If they were a comfort to you, reminisce about it. If they loved you, show that love to others and share with anyone who will listen about how loving your pet was with pictures and stories.

Trust and believe that pets do remain connected to us after physical death and still watch over us. So, when you celebrate their birthday, they know. When you cry, they can feel it. When you adopt a new pet, they're pleased. When you talk to them, they listen. And, when all is said and done and it is your divine time to depart from this life, they generally are always there to greet you in the afterlife.
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