“We never say goodbye….”

Published Date 11/2/2012
Category: Loss & Grieving

I’ll never forget standing by the bedside of my grandmother as she took her last breath in the physical world.

I’ll never forget standing by the bedside of my grandmother and holding her hand as she took her last breath in the physical world.  I watched as she slipped from the physical into the eternal, the very graceful, Japanese woman who had taught me so much about art, spirituality, and life in general. 

The pain seemed almost unbearable at the moment.  When my parents divorced, she and my grandfather had raised me and my brother and, for as long as I could remember, had always been there.  Would it even be possible to deal with the change of not seeing her?  Ultimately, isn’t that the question that we all ask when we find ourselves grieving with the death of a loved one?  Not being able to see them sitting at the table as we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner?  Not being able to see them smile on Christmas morning as gifts are being exchanged? 

One of the greatest truths I’ve found in my life and throughout my career as a psychic-medium is that ultimately, it’s the changes of life that seem so difficult to handle.  Remember that appearances can be very deceiving and that things aren’t always as they appear to be.  Death is a very convincing illusion, and it can be so convincing at times that we even can begin to believe that it’s real.  It isn’t.  You see, we live in a very physical, very three-dimensional world, and we sometimes believe that when we can’t see something with our natural eyes that it doesn’t really exist.  Through countless readings, what I’ve found to bring such a tremendous peace and encouragement through the grieving process is that Spirit is just as real as what we see around us.  We never really lose anyone that we love, and they’re always with us. 

Reconnecting with a loved one who has passed is as easy as breathing, and it’s just as natural.  With just a simple change of perspective, we can begin to realize that death is not the end, but merely another doorway into the Spirit world.  If you find yourself coping with grief, learn to expect the unexpected.  Through dreams, through signs, and through your own inner voice, they continue to speak to you and are anxiously awaiting your reunion.  Spirit communication is always a highlight of my work, and I’ve found that loved ones who have passed are always just as excited to reconnect as we are. 

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