Paw Prints on My Heart: Connecting Over the Rainbow Bridge by Psychic Dove

Published Date 2/22/2021
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Our pets connect with us, long after they have moved on.

Our pets connect with us, long after they have moved on.

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This is the final installment in my 3-part series “Paw Prints on My Heart.”   If you missed either of the first two articles, please start by clicking here for Part 1 or going here for Part 2, then return for this last story.  

Our pets work their way into a very special place in our hearts. 

They do this because they accept, appreciate, and love us exactly as we are. They are the incarnation of unconditional love and forgiveness. When they cross over the rainbow bridge, the loss of this deep, heart and soul-connection can be devastating. 

The questions I get the most from those who have just lost a pet are: 

“Are they mad at me?”

“Did I do enough?"

“Do they know I love them?”

Animals understand the cycle of life. They tell me they love their humans. Their favorite activity is to tell all the other animals’ funny stories about the humans they love. They are grateful, not angry, for the life you gave them. They are also grateful to leave their painful bodies behind. They are running, flying, swimming, and playing in the beautiful meadow on the other side.

To help us heal, their love reaches back across the bridge directly into our hearts. The stronger the love and communication link in life, the stronger the link from the other side. In the pain of our grief, it may be difficult to feel their presence. Trust they are there. Allow their healing energy to enter your heart.

After Prancer, our family red-headed Pomeranian, crossed over many years ago, he often came to visit. I felt him at night run into my bedroom, jump on my bed, and curl up next to me. I’d keep absolutely still with my eyes closed so I could feel his warm body pressed up against mine for as long as possible. He visited me for years, and then slowly disappeared. He showed up again just before I adopted my little doxie, Nia. He stayed until he knew we were going to be ok.

The next question is: “How can I connect with my pet?”

Take a moment to connect the same way you did when they were here with you. Center and calm yourself to allow all of your senses to open. Thanks to modern technology we have more ways to help preserve their memory.  Start by looking at a picture or video or just visualize them in your mind’s eye. Remember how they felt when you held them. Remember their smell. Talk to them, out loud or in your mind (depending if other people are around). Send them pictures and receive theirs. Listen. Be with them just as you were in life. 

This process will be different for each person. Sit where you and your pet liked to hang out. Snuggle with their favorite fuzzy blanket. Try a hot bath with bubbles, Epsom salts, and your favorite aroma therapy. Do whatever means comfort and relaxation for you. 

Allow the pain of loss to be healed by the flow of unconditional love and forgiveness between you and your beloved pet.  Your pet will never truly be gone as long as you allow them to live on in your heart and your memories.  


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