Interview with Rob Gutro, Author of 'Pets and the Afterlife'

Published Date 11/19/2014
Category: Loss & Grieving

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Rob Gutro, author of Pets and the Afterlife (win a free copy--see details below), is not your typical psychic medium. He's a meteorologist who's decided to use his psychic abilities to help comfort those grieving from the loss of a pet. Rob's still working on mastering the ropes of the spirit world, but his goal is to help as many people as possible in the process. He's not a Psychic Source Advisor, but we believe our community can learn a lot from his expertise and warm heart.

When did you first realize you could communicate with the other side and what was that experience like?

The experience was startling. I was 13 years old and saw my grandfather materialize.

I was home alone, sitting at the kitchen table drawing, when I saw lights out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and two rooms away in the living room, the lights came together and formed my grandfather in full color. I grabbed the family dog and ran outside where I sat on the stairs for an hour until my parents came home from shopping. My mother wasn’t surprised at all—she had the gift, too. It turned out that my grandfather appeared during the month of his birthday, which is a common time for spirits to communicate.

Why do only some pets come through or send signs while other don’t? What would you tell someone who is desperately trying to reach their pet on the other side to no avail?

Pets, like people, only come through when they have something to tell us. People and pets usually return around the times of birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. They all give us signs—we just miss them—so I wrote the books to educate people on how to see them!

Grief blocks out signs. When we’re desperate to see something, we tend to dismiss things for something more "concrete." Spirits and ghosts use subtle signs because it takes a lot of energy for them to communicate. If people are sick with grief, that's when they should rely on a medium. They should also take comfort in knowing spirits come around from time to time, they're not always with us. They don't belong here because they're beings of energy.

Your book goes into detail about what a pet’s ashes can do. Could you explain this briefly?

Sure. In Pets and the Afterlife, I explain that ashes can act as somewhat of a draw to help bring pets (and people) to you. The physical remains, even ashes, hold residual energy. It's all a good thing because the love we share with them is a positive emotional energy and helps them "power up" to give us signs from time to time.

I will caution that if a relative you weren’t fond of passed and you have their ashes, you may want to bury them! People who were not nice in life are often not the nicest on the other side, although they do usually learn their lessons there and improve. ?

What’s the difference between spirits and ghosts?

This is my favorite question. The words are often used to mean the same thing but they're really not. When we pass, the physical energies that run through our bodies couple with our memories and personalities as an entity of energy. Then we make a conscious choice to stay here on Earth as a ghost, or cross over and join the energies of the universe/Heaven/Valhalla/Paradise (whatever you want to call it) as a spirit.

Both use the same physical energies to manifest or give signs: heat, light, water, electricity. Ghosts draw on negative emotional energy—fear, anxiety, depression, and anger—which doesn't mean a ghost is a bad personality; it's all about location. Spirits draw on positive emotional energy—love, faith and hope—to "power up" and communicate.

It’s very interesting that you’re both a meteorologist and a medium. In your bio, it says that you “provide scientific and logical explanations about spirit communications.” Can you give us an example of how this applies? 

You don't have to be a religious person to know there's an afterlife; all you need is science. The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. Think of how scientists measure the thoughts in our brains with little electrical impulses. Think of the energy of the blood pumping in our bodies. Where does the energy go after our bodies give out?  It couples with our memories and personalities to become a ghost or spirit.

As energy, spirits and ghosts can manipulate electricity. We detect them with scientific equipment like electromagnetic field detectors, digital recorders, infrared cameras, and digital thermometers. As energy, they draw energy even from the fast moving molecules of air (warm air) and take the kinetic energy (motion) to slow down those molecules (slower moving molecules of air are colder; that's why we feel "cold spots" whenever there's a ghost or spirit around). Further, we use digital recorders to pick up spirit voices that are at a higher frequency—a frequency that dogs and cats can hear.

I think it's a matter of time until science actually catches up to the paranormal and proves that it's "normal" for us to become entities of energy after we pass from the physical.

What’s one of the most memorable moments you’ve had or felt while connecting with one of your dogs in the afterlife?

After my late dachshund Sprite passed in 2013, he sent us a butterfly. Spirits have the ability to manipulate and influence things in nature, like birds, butterflies, feathers, flowers, etc.   

All summer long, we hadn't seen a butterfly in our backyard, despite having two butterfly bushes. However, after Sprite's passing when we let our other three dogs out in the backyard, a large yellow and black butterfly flew around them for quite a long time and they didn't chase after it (usually they would). The butterfly landed on the grass near them and sat (I took several close up photos of it). The dogs walked around it, as if they were walking around Sprite.  We knew Sprite sent the butterfly.

When I wrote about it later on my personal blog, two friends in different states got a visit from Sprite as they read about his butterfly on their IPads while sitting outside. As they were reading, a yellow and black butterfly landed on them—in Maryland on my friend Jill's stomach, and in New Mexico on my friend Layla's shoulder. They contacted me immediately and told me Sprite's spirit had just visited them and acknowledged that they were reading about him.

What advice would you give someone who can’t seem to grapple with the loss of a pet or find closure?

Know that they are around you. Close your eyes and know that the love we share binds us together forever. Love is an amazing energy and energy can't be destroyed. Keep your mind open, too. Don't discount anything that may be a sign because there's no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to spirit.

Pets, like people who pass, don't want us to be stuck in grief. Although grieving is a natural part of experiencing physical loss, it should not cripple you and prevent you from enjoying life and love.  Our late pets (and people) want us to be happy, to live our lives and to help other pets who don't have homes or the love that our late pets enjoyed. One of the best ways to pay tribute to a pet that passed is to adopt or foster another and give that pet a chance to experience love (and not waste the love you have to give).

To learn more about Rob Gutro and his books, visit his Ghosts and Spirits Blog.

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