Dealing with the death of a coworker

Published Date 3/6/2013
Category: Loss & Grieving

Dealing with the death of a coworker

When a staff member passes away, it can be difficult for employees to cope with the grief of losing a colleague. If you recently heard news about a death in your company, there are a couple of ways that you can mourn and come together as a staff.

The American Psychological Association states that it's important to get all of your feelings out. Doing so can keep yourself from suffering from pent-up tension and extensive depression. Talk to a counselor if your company provides one following the news.

The Society for Human Resource Management also recommends lending an ear to those who want to talk. Whether it's your fellow coworkers or your boss, it's important to recognize the emotions that others are going through around you.

Speak to your psychic medium if you're having trouble coming to terms with the death of your colleague, especially if you were close. A psychic reading can potentially put you in contact with the deceased and help you find closure. In the end, you might find yourself recommending your coworkers to a medium as well to find the same comfort.

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