"You Are..." a Letter to a Lightworker

Date 2/22/2022
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You Are…

You are meant to listen, and to console. 

You are here to rub backs and heal hearts.

You are here to be the voice of reason, the carrier of hope.

You are here to take care of people, physically and mentally. 

You are here to be the friend one calls at 3AM. 

You are here to lighten up the mood.

You are here to offer a kind smile.

You are here to offer praise and recognition.

You are here to give really amazing hugs.

You are here to sit quietly and listen, with no judgement.

You are here to say something really funny when someone is wanting can’t stop crying.

You are here to open the door to a complete stranger. 

You are here to pay it forward on the drive thru line at the coffee shop. 

You are here to hold a lot of hands. 

You are here to experience trauma and loss. 

You are here to express gratitude – and recognize when it is missing. 

You are to go through troubles and grow through trauma.

You are here to face your fears and speak your truth no matter how hard that might be.

You are meant to a beacon to those who are in need of light.

You are here to help thy neighbor.

You are here to observe your life and find where healing is needed.

You are here to offer advice and guide those who are lost.

You are driven to help, to heal, and to nurture.

You are a beautiful being of light and you are here to SHINE.


Some hearts are guided to sell out big venues and speak their message to the masses, other hearts are guided to helping this planet in ways that appear smaller to the human eye, but energetically are just as important.  Whether you are the person with ambitions of selling out stadiums, or the person who wants to touch people’s hearts and open their minds in a smaller more intimate setting – your job remains the same. 

As a lightworker, you are here on this earth, at this time, reading THIS because you have been called to be here. To help those in need of light, to help spread love, joy, and hope to humanity.  

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