Will Changing Your Name Affect Your Numerology Outcome?

Published Date 8/3/2015
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Change your name and change your future

Change your name and change your future

Whether you’re marrying, divorcing, or simply prefer another moniker, you’ve likely considered a name change. You may wonder, though, if your numerology reading will change with your new name. Learn how your numerology outcome can alter and how you can make a purposeful change with a new name.

Basics of Numerology 

It’s important to remember that numerology has three components, two of which concern your name. The first component refers to your birthdate, the second involves your birth name, and the third incorporates the name that you currently use. Since you can’t alter the first two components, only the third will reflect a change in the name that you use. Together, all three components speak volumes about you and the course of your life.

What Your Numbers Mean

Your birthdate number determines your life’s direction and timing, your birth name reveals your essence, your strengths and weaknesses, and your preferred name divulges your successes and the quality of your life. Since each calculation reveals numerous additional meanings, it’s best to consult with an expert to truly understand what your numerology says about you. A numerologist can guide you through the intricate details of calculating your numbers.

Informal vs. Official Name Changes

Many people don’t realize that a name change doesn’t have to be legal or official in order to have an impact on your life. In fact, the name that you use on a daily basis or the name that you use to introduce yourself is the one that defines you. Though there’s nothing wrong with making a name change official, it’s not a prerequisite for giving your life a new direction. A psychic reading online can help you reflect on how you refer to yourself and what it means for the quality of your life.

What Happens When You Change Your Name 

Numerologists tend to refer to name changes as either organic or artificial. Organic name changes are relatively natural and develop as a normal part of your growth as a person. Organic names include nicknames, married names, and even stage names for entertainers. Though many of these names are the result of thoughtful choices, they’re considered an organic part of life. Artificial name changes, however, are much more deliberate. These are often the result of names calculated to maximize meaning in numerology. 

Though opting for a new, more successful name might seem tempting, choosing an artificial name for the sake of numerology or to meet a specific goal doesn’t promise a happy ending. Most numerologists believe that names must be organic in order to have a noticeable impact on your life. If you’re considering a new name, be sure to choose one that holds significance for you instead of selecting a name for the numbers only.

Your name can reveal so much about your life, from your natural attributes to your personal path. Though you can have a hand in guiding your name and its meaning, remember that organic, not calculated, name changes have the most impact on your present and future.


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