What the Christmas Tradition Means to Me - Part 1

Published Date 12/22/2012
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Voila! The Secular Reason for the Season

Part I: Secular Roots of our Modern Christmas

Once again it’s that time of the year – Chrismahanukwanzakah, or more simply, the Winter Solstice – a time when people of different faiths are brought together by something that we all have in common:  whining. Pagans complain that they are being subjected to “Christian” indoctrination by the holiday music and decorations found in malls and other public places, and also that Christians “stole” their holiday.  They assert, correctly, that the symbolism of the evergreen tree, mistletoe, holly, the star on the tree, the candles, etc., as well as the date itself, is purely pagan in origin. Many Christians, on the other hand, object to the mere phrase “Happy Holidays” as being anti-Christian (despite that “holiday” = “holy day”) and want to “put Christ back in Christmas.” Meanwhile some other Christians, such as the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses, refuse to celebrate Christmas at all, on the basis that it’s a pagan holiday, a view that was also held by many Protestants in the past, including the Pilgrims. While this is quite true, it is, in my opinion, no reason not to celebrate!

On the contrary, I believe we should cherish our spiritual roots, especially in light of the fact that “Christmas” as it is being promoted in modern society is purely secular and nothing but an unabashed orgy of commercialism. Where a nativity scene is still present in public, it is almost certainly not there to commemorate God Incarnate, His Mother, or even, for that matter, the Son. Rather, it portrays the Three Wise Men bringing – what? – GIFTS, of course!! Voila, here’s the secular Reason for the Season - an advertising tool to induce people to spend huge amounts of money.  Among non-Christians, including atheists and Jews, the religious theme is easily ignored and substituted by “good will towards mankind” which nearly everyone can accept and, of course, results in the same thing:  buying lots of gifts.  Thus, the modern god money is served by all, regardless of religion.

Continued tomorrow

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