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What is Mindfulness and Why is it Important? by Psychic Carmaleena

Date 7/21/2020
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Think only in the present moment.

Think only in the present moment.

What exactly is mindfulness and why is it important?  To use modern day terminology, mindfulness is being awakened, enlightened, connected with your inner spirit, following your inner guidance, and living your life from your inner power.
Living on the Earth plane has its challenges as well as its good times.  The challenges can come in the form of people letting their life experiences get them down.  When this happens a lot of negativity is automatically spewed into the atmosphere and people can be susceptible to experiencing heavy energy.  So, when one is mindful and has awareness, they’re free from experiencing these negative energies.  This is why it’s important to strive for conscious awareness, or mindfulness.

A few years ago, Eckhart Tolle wrote the bestselling book, The Power of Now.  That is exactly what mindfulness is.  Learning to be in the moment instead of focusing on the past or the future.

There are a few easy steps that can help you get into the conscious awareness that will make your life so much happier and easier.  For example, say you’re washing dishes—a pretty mundane, no-brainer task, right?  So, because it’s a no-brainer, it’s easy to allow your thoughts to drift off into past or future thoughts and emotions.  But, what if you really focused your attention just on doing the dishes?  What would this mean for you?  How would it help?

Well, the most important aspect of this example is to show you that allowing your mind to wander creates a couple of not-so-good experiences.  Here’s why: Say you had a really rough day or week.  There were a lot of emotions (not good ones) that you experienced over that time period. When you relive these, or any experiences, so that you become emotionally engaged, your body, mind, and spirit can’t tell the difference between what’s actually happening or if it’s something that has already happened.  When emotions are involved, you automatically live them as if you’re experiencing them at the moment.  See what I mean?

So if you’re able to focus on the task at hand and become fully engaged in it then you automatically stop negative mind-flow and become the maker and creator of your own life and destiny.  You can apply this method to anything and any task you’re doing.

It’s helpful to realize how you’re feeling when you’re doing your tasks.  Getting in touch with your feelings and emotions are key elements for changing your life for the better.  Don’t automatically try to bury negative feelings.  But, rather, look at them as tools that will help you become consciously aware so that you can make a consorted effort to change them into happy thoughts and emotions.

As always, sending you the best of thoughts for a happy and fulfilling life.
Author's Photo by Carmaleena x8689

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